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*Review* The Peach Keeper – Sarah Addison Allen

The Peach Keeper

Sarah Addison Allen

288 pages

ISBN 9780553807226

Read 6-17-11

     In Sarah Addison Allen’s The Peach Keeper, Paxton and Willa are the granddaughters of two women who founded a local women’s club that will be celebrating its 75th anniversary.  A gala is to be held for the anniversary gala at an old historical home that Paxton has had renovated into an inn, but when a tree on the property is removed, a skeleton is discovered, and family secrets that tie the two girls together start coming to the surface.  This is a wonderful story about friendship, love, and self realization. 
     I absolutely love Allen’s style of writing; it is very lyrical and beautiful with such a smooth flow.   She is able to paint such a clear picture of what is going on that you don’t have to try hard to imagine the story playing out.  The characters are very strong and likeable; the author puts them through situations that many people experience in real life that are not just found in fiction, making them relatable to the readers. Each character has their own personality and they mesh well with the other characters.  I really like the relationship between Willa and Paxton and I enjoyed how their friendship grew and became a strong bond, not to mention their relationships with Colin and Sebastian. 
     The setting is in a small NC town called Walls of Water, and it feels like it is its own little world; cozy and close-knit (mostly).  There is also a small magical touch to it that adds to the mystery of what happened in the past.  This novel is so well-written that you can’t help but to be sucked into it and become involved with the characters.  The Peach Keeper is such a beautiful novel; beautiful style, beautiful story, beautiful cover, and I highly recommend it to any and every reader. 

 Lovely, engaging, meaningful, highly recommended, 4.5 stars!

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