*Review* Exposed- Kimberly Marcus


Kimberly Marcus

260 pages

ISBN:  9780375866937

Read 7-17-11

     Exposed is a very open, poetic story about two best friends, Kate, a dancer, and Liz, a photographer, who have known each other for years.  They are practically inseparable until they get into a fight at one of their monthly sleepovers and Kate starts to act oddly around Liz.  That night changed both of their lives forever, and their friendship.
     This was the first book I ever read that was written in poems.  It has a very different, artistic feel to it that has a nice flow that is unique to this type of novel and I thoroughly enjoyed this style of writing.  It took no time at all to read it; I sped through it in about 2 hours.  Obviously, it is a very fast read, which is precisely how I like my books.
     As for the story, it deals with a tough situation and your heart is yanked in two different directions just like Liz’s.  Liz is put into the middle and doesn’t know which way to lean.  It’s a very strong story with honest words and a lot of turmoil for the main characters.  As the title says, characters are exposed in ways they never thought they would be and they have to cope with what happened and how it affected them.

Raw, honest, poetic, turbulent.   4 stars

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Filed under 4 Stars, Fiction, Verse, Young Adult

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