*Review* Memento Nora Review


Memento Nora

Angie Shibert

192 pages

ISBN: 9780761458296

Read 7-16-11

     This is a pretty short novel about a teenage   girl, Nora, who lives in a very violent world with numerous bombings and many other bad things.  After she witnesses a horrendous event, her mother takes her to a TFC clinic where she can simply take a pill to forget the whole incident.  Upon learning what her mother has come to forget, she makes the decision not to take the pill.  She meets new friends, Micah and Winter, and together they start a comic to let people know about the things that are going on and the comic spreads like wild fire.
     The story itself was a very good concept, but I think it had a lot more potential that was not tapped into.  There wasn’t as much focus on the comic strip as I thought there would be and it was rather short lived.  The characters, however, were well written and had development, especially Nora.  I felt Nora was a very strong and mature person with the choices she made and the situations she was part of.
     I did enjoy the way the author painted Nora’s world and the chaos that was in it.  There were a few twists to the story, a few I figured out, a few I didn’t, and I really liked the way it ended.  There will be a sequel to this book, and I will be reading it to see how Nora’s world changes after everything she went through. 

Chaotic, short-lived, fast-paced, had more potential.   3 stars.

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Filed under 3 Stars, Dystopian, Fiction, Science Fiction, Young Adult

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