*Review* Hereafter – Tara Hudson



Tara Hudson

404 pages

ISBN: 9780062026774

Read 7-27-11

     Hereafter is a ghostly, supernatural YA novel about a dead teenage girl, Amelia, who wanders about lost between the living world and the afterlife, numb to everything until she meets Joshua when he is drowning in the same river where she herself drowned.  When she realizes that he can see her, her world drastically changes. 
     I am a person who likes to have closure when it comes to a story; I’m not crazy about unresolved issues.  There are many mysteries in this novel, most are answered, but some are still left unanswered by the time the novel comes to an end.  I checked into the author’s upcoming works, and I found that she will be having at least three Hereafter novels, the next of which is called Arise, so more of the mysteries should be solved.
     I enjoyed the descriptions the author used, especially when describing the netherworld.  It is interesting to see things from the perspective of a ghost girl who doesn’t even know who she is because of the dead fog she is in. Her world becomes so much brighter when she meets Joshua, who is very sweet and accepting with the situation they are in.  They are plagued by many difficulties through the story, and though Amelia may be dead, she isn’t about to just give up on what she currently has.  I even really liked the fact that the reader learned about Amelia as she learned about herself.
     A good story about believing in yourself, protecting the ones you care about and love in the afterlife.  I look forward to seeing how the story progresses in the subsequent Hereafter novels.  For me the book wasn’t super fabulous, but it was enjoyable.  I recommend it to those who enjoy supernatural stories, but not excessively so.

Mysterious, good imagery, some unresolved issues, great characters.   3.75 stars.


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2 responses to “*Review* Hereafter – Tara Hudson

  1. The post you wrote is very good.

  2. Good review! I, personally, loved this book and cannot wait for the next one!

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