*Review* Timeless – Alexandra Monir



Alexandra Monir

280 pages

ISBN 9780385738385

Read 5-20-11

     In Timeless, Michele Windsor has a wonderful life with her mother until a car accident takes her mother from her and she is thrown into a life with the rich Windsor family she never met.  Her mother’s parents take her in and she has a giant life change in this new upper class society she never thought she would experience.  Michele comes to possess a key that matches one from a dream she had and finds herself hurled into the past after reading a diary she found.  Not only does she meet other Windsor’s from the past, but also a boy she can’t help feeling a magnetism toward.
     I was very excited about a romantic story between two people from very different times; surprisingly, not as much of the story was focused on this aspect like I had hoped.  Most of the book is centered around her trips to the past and helping her long gone relatives, so I would have liked to have seen more of the love story.  I enjoyed the author’s descriptions of old New York when Michele was in the past; she does a great job in her imagery. 
     Monir is a first time novelist, and she is a song writer; I like how she wove some lyrics and musical elements into the story since I am a music person myself (I was in band all throughout school).  She does well with the relationships between characters and breaking down their emotional barriers.  The sequel will be released sometime next year and I can’t wait to see how the love story aspect plays out and to see how the rest of the mysteries unfold.

Not a lot in the love department, lovely descriptions, mysterious.   3.5 stars


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Filed under 3.5 Stars, Fiction, Science Fiction, Young Adult

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