*Review* Babe in Boyland – Jody Gehrman

 Babe in Boyland

Jody Gehrman

292 pages

ISBN: 9780803732742

Natalie is a high school student who gives advice from her relationship column as Dr. Aphrodite.  The problem?  She’s never been in a relationship!  This realization is made aware to her in rude comments from guys on her blog telling her she tell girls only what they want to hear and have no idea what guys think.  Seeing the truth behind this, Natalie decides she needs to do something about this, and determines the way to do this is by disguising herself as a guy and enrolling in an all boys school!  Now she has to hide her girlish ways, which proves difficult with her hunky roommate Emilio around.  Will she really be able to accomplish this gender-bending undercover story?

This was an absolutely, fantasically fun read!  Natalie and her friends are so quirky and entertaining, not to mention the plot is so playful.  From beginning to end this book was a blast to read and I even fought sleep to be able to keep reading.  The characters are very relatable and realistic and there is a character for so many aspects of high school life; the jocks, the nerds, the quiet ones, the narcissists.

The book makes me think of Shakespeare’s play Twelfth Night, but surprisingly out of all the Shakespeare mentions in the whole book, this one never came up.  Twelfth Night has a major plot of mistaken identity and a woman who dresses as a man, but the only comparison made in the book to one of the plays is when the girls are talking about Portia’s cross-dressing scene in The Merchant of Venice.

The style of writing for this book was straight and to the point, so it was written clearly and reads very quickly.  Not only was this book amusing, but it also had a good life-story for young adults after Natalie’s cross-dressing escapade.  This was an excellent book and I highly recommend it for those looking for a super fun read, no matter what age.

Enthralling, delightful, humorous, thoroughly marvelous!!  4.5 stars!


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Filed under 4.5 Stars, Fiction, Young Adult

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