*Review* Hourglass – Myra McEntire



Myra McEntire

397 pages

ISBN: 9781606841440

Read (8-28-11)

     In Hourglass, Emerson Cole has had a very rough life; she lost her parents and now lives with her brother, went to a boarding school, and had even been placed into a mental health ward.  The reason for the commitment into a mental health facility?  She sees people who aren’t really there.  They are people who looked like they have walked straight off the set of Gone with the Wind, soldiers, and a horse drawn carriage.  Her brother restores older building, and since Emerson lives with her brother in one of these restores places and goes to functions for the restorations, seeing these apparitions has become more and more frequent.  Trying to find yet another form of help, Emerson’s brother hires a man from a group called the Hourglass.  Finding information on the group proves difficult for Emerson and she wonders if this new guy really can help her and if she should trust him.
     Honestly, I did not enjoy the first half of this book as much as the second half.  I felt like the main character was a bit too freaked out by the phantoms she saw, and in my opinion, if you have been seeing apparitions for 4 years, you’d be pretty desensitized to them and not still majorly freaking out.  This was the only reason I wasn’t very crazy about Emerson at first, because she over reacted about things so often (this made her seem kind of immature), but aside from that I liked Emerson.
     I liked the book enough to want to read the next installment, but I think it had more potential than what it held.  The whole concept was very interesting and I liked the twists that the author threw in towards the end. 
     As for the romance part of it, once again I liked the second half, but not the first half.  There was no real build up of a relationship, her love interest automatically liked her and acted like he had known her for a long time, so I felt no real development between the two of them, however, I did like their closeness in the second half of the book after they had time to know one another.
     All in all, it was enjoyable and I look forward to the next installment.  It turned into a different story than I originally thought it was going to be, and it’s good to see something different.  People who enjoy young adult science fiction may enjoy this, just look out for a semi-rough start.

Interesting, good plot, rough beginning, good ending.   3.5 stars.


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