*Review* Anna Dressed in Blood – Kendare Blake

Anna Dressed in Blood

Kendare Blake

316 pages

ISBN: 9780765328656

Read 10-3-11

     Anna Dressed in Blood follows Thesius Cassio, known to everyone as Cas, a teenage ghost hunter, as he hunts down on of the most dangerous ghosts he has ever encountered.  Her name is Anna, and she is strong and angry, a very powerful and deadly combination.  Cas knows before he even meets her that she is different from any other ghost he has come across.  Anyone who steps into Anna’s house doesn’t come back out; except for Cas…
     This book is awesome!  I think of all the reviews I read, I never came across a single one that didn’t think this was a great book, and now I know why!  I loved this book.  It was a lot of fun to read and creepy in all the right places (especially the end of chapter 20).  I could feel my heart thumping from the scene I was reading!
     I really liked all the characters.  They were all so strong and real, easily visible in my mind.  Anna had such different sides of herself, and she was definitely one of the strongest characters.  Thomas I really liked a lot because he was one of those characters who are unexpectedly impressive.  Carmel is also a fun character and isn’t always what she seems.
     The plot of this book is not like any other of the books I’ve read and I really enjoyed this different take on a ghost hunter.  It’s not candy coated or fluffed up; it’s gruesome when the scenes call for it, an awesome horror read.  Even the words on the page were perfect for the book (you’ll see what I mean).  There were great descriptions and everything was so vivid.  I can’t wait until the sequel!

Awesome story, great detail, gruesome & creepy, loved it!    4.5 stars!


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4 responses to “*Review* Anna Dressed in Blood – Kendare Blake

  1. Great review! I enjoyed this book as well!

  2. I was completely sold when you said gruesome!

  3. Aaron

    oooo…im really going look for this book is it out yet or is it a ARC by the way I really really like the new profile look

  4. Denice Mae

    This is a really good book!!! It’s one of my favorite books also… I just hope Cas will be able to save Anna in the second book…

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