Sincerely Sunday (1)

 Sincerely Sunday is a new weekly meme that I will be hosting here at On The Shelf that will be like a micro-review or blurb of a book.  Anyone can participate, and you can leave a link to yours in the comments or, if you do not have a blog, you can just leave a comment with your Sincerely Sunday choice.  Thanks to Amber at Du Livre for her opinion on my new meme!  All you have to do is:

*Pick a book, any book.  It can be new, ARC, old, or one you read 10 years ago, as long as you have read it.
*Tell us the title and author.
*Tell us what made you read this book.
*Give us a short, sincere opinion on the book you chose.

My choice for this week is:

 A Blue So Dark
 Holly Schindler

 I read this book mainly because the cover attracted me.

 This book was a very powerful story about a teenage girl who takes care of her schizophrenic mother.  She fights hard to not be like her mother and even wants to give up art because she sees it as a link to madness.  The story is beautifully written with the many ups and downs of her mother’s illness.  A great journey with losses and gains.  Very heartfelt and meaningful.


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