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Know Me Better (3)

 “Know Me Better” is a fun weekly meme hosted by I Am a Reader, Not a Writer in order to get to know our fellow readers and bloggers better.  There are 5 new questions to answer each week.  Here are my answers!

1.  If you were stranded on a deserted island, what three things would you want with you?

I’d have to say my personal library, family, and my dog.

2.  What is one book everyone should read?

I talk about this book all the time, but it’s because it’s that awesome, Tuesdays with Morrie.  It’s a fabulous, meaningful read and I definitely think everyone should give it a shot.

3.  If you could have any superpower what would you choose?

The ability to control water and breathe underwater.  I love the water, and I think it would be super awesome to be able to control it and breathe in it.  Kinda like Percy Jackson.

4.  Harry Potter or Twilight?

As much as I like Twilight, I’d have to choose Harry Potter over it.  It has so much more in it than Twilight does and it’s a more powerful series.

5.  Gum or breath mints?

Definitely gum.  I like to crack my gum, too, which drives some people crazy, but I don’t even realize I do it at times.  Gum lasts longer for me than breathe mints.


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