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*Review* Annexed – Rebecca McKinnon


Rebecca McKinnon

239 pages

ISBN: 9781461147664

Read 11-17-11

Source: Author

Format: Ebook

Annexed follows Narissa, who has been mysteriously brought into a separate dimension from her own known as The Refuge when she goes on a trip to a cabin in the mountains.  Nobody knows how she ended up being pulled into The Refuge, but there are many friendly people who are willing to help her adjust to the way of life.  Determined to find a way home, Narissa tries to research as much as she can about The Refuge, making several friends along the way.  She finds she really likes life at The Refuge, but is it enough to stay?

The concept behind this story is very interesting, and the way of life at The Refuge is much different from the outside world, even the lingo is different.  I can imagine ending up in a strange place that is actually a totally separate dimension would be a pretty freaky thing, but one thing I didn’t care for much was the fact that Narissa didn’t really freak out when she found out she was in a different dimension.  Who wouldn’t freak out??  I think I would have thought people telling me I was in a different dimension where a bunch of lunatics, but she just says ok and goes with it.

There is some romance in this story, but it isn’t the heavy teenage insta-love kind of stuff.  Their relationship builds and they are just close friends at first before any feelings are admitted.  There are characters you love, and characters you love to hate.  I like Mac a lot; he is the protective brotherly type and I think it’s adorable.

I think I would have liked to have seen a bit more description in places, but for the most part I had a pretty clear image in my head.  Sometimes a few personalities seemed almost fakey nice, but, then again, people at The Refuge are different from regular people.

One thing I definitely didn’t agree with was the way Narissa talked to the council when she met with them.  She got an attitude with them and almost bossy, practically demanding at times.  I doubt anyone in a new, strange place would act this way, especially not a teenager, as it was very disrespectful.  If it were me, I would have smiled and nodded and followed the rules (I’m not much of a rule breaker anyway).

All in all, it was an enjoyable book, though not fantastic, but enough that I was looking forward to the next book, which I am currently reading.

Interesting, fast read, questionable behaviors, some fun characters.

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