*Review* Cantrip and Guest Post by Rebecca McKinnon

I am very excited to announce my first ever author guest post!  Today I am reviewing Cantrip by Rebecca McKinnon who has written up a guest post for your pleasure before the review.  Please welcome her and I hope you enjoy her post.

Don’t judge a book by its cover.

Sure, it’s an idiom. For a minute, though, let’s take it at face value.

How often do we judge books by their covers? I do, all the time. Seriously, if I like the cover, I’m very likely to at least try the book. I’ve been known to buy books without even reading the blurb, just because of the covers. If I don’t like a cover, I have a hard time connecting to the book. I may even give up (or wish I could give up) solely based on what

I think of the cover art.

Is this fair? Probably not, but that’s not going to change anything.

With that in mind, I worried about the cover art for Annexed and Cantrip. Even though I stressed over every step, I had to do what felt right. So I sat down and started sketching. Then I refined. Finally, I had the completed covers. And I’m happy with them (and with my parents for letting me take art classes as a kid).

We judge things based on what we like, what draws us in. What do you think of the cover for Cantrip?

If you haven’t had a chance to read Annexed (the first book in The Refuge Trilogy), this is a great time! Until the end of December, the Kindle and Nook editions are FREE!


Rebecca McKinnon

And, now for the review!!


Rebecca McKinnon

243 pages

ISBN:  9781466349155

Read 11-30-11

Source: Author

Format: Ebook

*Spoiler Alert*  If you haven’t read Annexed, a few things may be given away in this review, so be warned!!

Cantrip is the continuing novel to Annexed and follows Narissa and Daman into Narissa’s world and the crazy life she has waiting on her since her disappearance to The Refuge.  There is a big mess waiting for her when she gets back and she also wants to hurry and get back to her little sister, who is the reason she left the new home she made at The Refuge.  Once back into her own world, Narissa wants to find a way back to The Refuge as soon as she can to get back to her friends and the place she has felt she has always belonged.
The characters stayed true to themselves from the first into the second book.  There were some interesting new revelations and exciting new relationships.  Narissa has to deal with a lot between her seductive mother, a boyfriend who has no ideas about her world, her younger sister, the awful neighbor boys, and trying to find a way back to The Refuge.  For being a seventeen year old, she is pretty mature and deals with things as they come.  There were a couple of places where I didn’t like the way Narissa thought about things.
This story isn’t as centered around The Refuge as I thought it would be, but there are a lot of other things going on, and a few secrets come out, one in a pretty awkward way, which was pretty funny.  I found myself laughing in quite a few places, and incredibly mad in others because of a certain character.
The cover is simple, yet very nice.  I love the rich blue and the knot design is so pretty.  Simple, yet elegant.   The only real complaint I had about this story was when there was a test ran that used hair as a DNA source, but the problem with it was that there is no DNA in just hair, there has to be a skin tag on it, so I didn’t agree with that scene.  Other than that, it was pretty enjoyable and I look forward to the next installment.

Several revealed secrets, fast read, some semi-rough issues, good humorous parts.



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2 responses to “*Review* Cantrip and Guest Post by Rebecca McKinnon

  1. I definitely judge books their cover, especially for debut books. But I can be swayed to try out a book by positive word of mouth. I like the cover of Cantrip- it’s simple as you say, and it goes nicely with Annexed. Just by looking at the cover I thought it was a fantasy or science fiction book. I get the impression that there is some romance in the book and I wouldn’t guess that by looking at the cover. Sounds like an interesting series though and I’m intrigued by your review..
    Thanks for letting me know Annexed is currently on promo!

    • I gotta say I generally judge a book by it’s cover as well, but sometimes I go out on a limb and read one where I don’t care for the cover, and really enjoy the book, or even vice versa.

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