Best of 2011

Hi guys!  I hope you all had wonderful holidays.  I know I certainly did, especially since it was my first Christmas on in several years.  My break is over, now back to posting!  Here’s a post of favorites for my 2011 reads!  You can click the titles to get to my reviews.

Top Ten Best Books

In no specific order…

 1.  Tempest Rising – A dark mermaid story that I loved and the author did a wonderful job creating the underwater world and the heartbreak.  Wonderful characters and story.

2.  Fins are Forever –  Another mermaid book, but much brighter and quirkier than Tempest Rising.  I adore the Fins stories!

3.  The Girl Who Chased the Moon – A wonderfully written novel that has a touch of magical elements.  Beautiful and meaningful.

4.  Babe in Boyland – An incredibly fun read!  Sneakiness, scheming, cross-dressing, a ton of fun and some romance all mixed together!

5.  Anna Dressed in Blood – This was a perfect Halloween read! Creepy in the right spots and gory in a fun, vivid way.

6.  Ashfall – Post-apocalyptic novel about a realistic geological disaster that showed the good and ugly of the human race under the stress of such a world changing event.

7.  The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer – This book was a very enthralling read.  You felt as confused about everything as the main character was and it was unputdownable!

8.  The Language of Flowers – Beautifully written and a wonderful story that had me fully engrossed in the characters and their world.

9.  Eve – I was so absorbed with this book I read it in only a couple of sittings and I loved it.  I can’t wait for the next installment!

10.  The Near Witch – Just finished this one and it was amazing!!  Wonderful fairy tale like story for young adult and a great writing style to go with it.

Best Adult Writer

My favorite adult writer during 2011 is definitely Sarah Addison Allen.  I just discovered her this year and she has a beautiful writing style.  I will certainly be getting my hands on every one of her books I can.

Best Young Adult Writer

My favorite young adult writer for 2011 is Tera Lynn Childs.  I constantly gush over the Fins books and I can’t wait for the third to come out.  I love her characters and the worlds she creates.

Best Debut Novel

My favorite debut novel is the one I just finished, The Near Witch.  The writing style is much different than most of the other YA and I loved the fairy tale feel of it.  The author creates beautiful imagery with her descriptiveness.  A must read!

Best Cover

My favorite cover of my 2011 reads has to be Tiger’s Curse by Colleen Houck, not only is it a beautiful cover anyway, but it also has my favorite animal on the front, the white tiger!  Plus, the cover was shiny and I like shiny 🙂

Best Title

I really like book titles, they can really get your attention, almost as much as the cover itself.  My favorite title is A Need so Beautiful.  The title itself is beautiful and poetic.  The title of the second book may get to be my favorite for 2012 because it is an awesome title, too!

Favorite Book

My favorite book out of all my reads in 2011 would have to be Anna Dressed in Blood.  This book was fabulous!  It is very hard to creep me out, but at the end of chapter 20, the hair on my arms was standing up.  Hence the reason this book made it on my Favorite Reads page.



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2 responses to “Best of 2011

  1. Fabulous list, I really need to read Anna Dressed in Blood!

    Hey have you ever read Bad Girls Don’t Die? I remember a while ago you said you wanted something spooky (although it could have just been for the Halloween ‘season’) but it’s pretty creepy and I think you might like it.

    Also, your books are in the mail! Haha, I was hoping you would get them by Wednesday but I don’t think so. Apparently yesterday was a holiday, who knew.

    • I have been wanting to read Bad Girls Don’t Die, the cover caught my eye, but I just haven’t gotten to it yet. I am constantly on the hunt for a good scary book! Can’t wait to read Bedbugs, thanks!

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