Top Ten Tuesday (12)

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted at The Broke and The Bookish.  Each week a new top ten list is posted, and to participate all you have to do is fill in YOUR top ten for the list.

This week the topic is:

Top Ten Books to Read in a Day

1. Anna Dressed in Blood – Kendare Blake : Ok, so who wouldn’t love to read a slightly gory ghost killing story in a day?  I didn’t want to put it down!

2.  Forgive My Fins – Tera Lynn Childs : This is one of my favorite books.  It’s so fun and playful, and the way the author has written it, you just get sucked in and it flies by.

3. Wither – Lauren Destefano : A book with a cover that pretty?  How could it not be good?  I think I actually did read this one in about a day.  It’s a scary world to live in when you know you’ll die at a certain age.  Couldn’t stop reading it.

4.  Tuesdays with Morrie – Mitch Albom : This was an absolutely wonderful read.  It is really short, too, so it’s easy to read it in a day.  So heartfetl and emotional, make sure you have a tissue!

5.  Cinder – Marissa Meyer : Such a wonderful fairy-tale retelling.  I never wanted to put it down, there’s was no dull moments!  I wanted to have the next one in my hands as soon as I finished this one.

6.  The Hunger Games – Suzanne Collins : The only reason I didn’t read this one in a single day is because I have to work 8-5 every weekday, otherwise I would not have left my reading spot!  This one is sure to have you glued to the seat until you’re finished.

7.  Forbidden – Tabitha Suzuma : This is one of those engulfing reads.  If you are not against putting your comfort level on the line, then this one is one you have to read!  The world doesn’t exist while you read this novel.

8.  Delirium – Lauren Oliver : If you are a dystopian fan, Delirium is one to spend a day with.  It’s a fast read and you get sucked in really easy.  A book where love is a disease?  You know you gotta read it.

9.  The Girl Who Chased the Moon – Sarah Addison Allen : I love her writing style, and this is my favorite by her so far.  The magical realism in it give it a wonderful touch and makes the town seem mystical.  Plus it has really good stories between characters.

10.  Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief – Rick Riordan : I loved the characters, the adventures, and the greek mythology in this book.  I haven’t finished the series yet, but it is definitely a fun one to sit and read in a day!

So what is your top ten books to read in a day?




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2 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday (12)

  1. Great list! Thanks for stopping by! I couldn’t get into Cinder because the whole android thing just threw me, so I never finished it. I haven’t tried any of the others yet though. I may try a few once my TBR list shrinks to a reasonable amount of books, haha.

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