Wordy Wednesday (3)

 Wordy Wednesday is a new meme I will have here at On The Shelf.  I love to learn new words and being the avid reader I am, I am bound to come across words I don’t know, so this meme is to spread word knowledge! If you’d like to participate, just post the word and the definition and any other fun facts you may want to list as well.

For this Wordy Wednesday I have:

Lilliputian: 1. Extremely small (adj) 2. Petty or trivial (adj) 3. A small person (n) 4. An inhabitant of Lilliput (n)

This term was started by author Jonathan Swift in 1726 with his tale, Gulliver’s Travels.  Lilliput was the island with the tiny people.

 “I reflected what a mortification it must prove to me to appear as inconsiderable in this nation as one single Lilliputian would be among us.”

 Gulliver’s Travels



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