30 Days of Books – Day 5

30 Days of Books

Day 5

A book or series you hate.

 I’m not going to do any author bashing or anything, but I can say that I am not a fan of Alice Sebold.  I read The Lovely Bones and thought it was only ok.  For me what made The Lovely Bones readable was the ending, I did enjoy how it ended, but the rest was just ok.  There were a lot of people that really enjoyed it, though, and I decided I would give this author another try when I saw The Almost Moon on shelves.  It sounded incredibly interesting when I read the jacket, but unfortunately, it was a let down.  I didn’t enjoy it at all and many of the events in the book I found to be pointless or make no sense, and there was no resolution for any of it.  I am one of those people that when I read a book, even if I don’t like it, I have to finish it in hopes it may get better, but this one never did.  So, I doubt I will be reading anymore work by Sebold.



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2 responses to “30 Days of Books – Day 5

  1. I agree! I think I saw the movie for the Lovely Bones before I read it and when I read the book I felt like it was really drawn out. I didn’t think the story needed to be that long and I wasn’t really a fan of the “in-between” world either. Nice post! 🙂

  2. I have to agree with both of you – “The Lovely Bones” was ok, the ending made it for me as well, but “The Almost Moon” was just painful to read. I didn’t like it from the beginning, but I thought that maybe it would get better. I didn’t.

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