30 Days of Books – Day 6

30 Days of Books

Day 6

Favorite male character in a book and why.

Dexter!  He is the good bad guy you can’t help but to root for.  A serial killer who kills other serial killers and really bad guys?  Who wouldn’t think he is awesome?  Though he doesn’t have a conscience, he does live by a set of special rules put into place by his dad.  This character is a great look into the mind of a man consumed by his “dark passenger.”



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2 responses to “30 Days of Books – Day 6

  1. Yes! I love Dexter! Although I do have to admit, I think I’m just a fan of the show. I watched the show before I knew it was based on books and then I read the first book and it was just like watching the show again, word for word. Too bad I didn’t get the books first!!

    • I watched the first two seasons first and then read the first book. It was very close between the two until the very end anyway!

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