30 Days of Books – Day 9

30 Days of Books

Day 9

A book everyone should read at least once.

Sorry to those of you who ended up seeing this post blank!  My computer decided not to save it when I went to post it. 

Lolita is definitely one that I think everyone should read at least once.  Yes it is a controversial subject and outside of many people’s comfort zone of what to read, but the writing style was amazing!  I love Nabokov’s way of writing.  It is very lyrical and has a superb flow; very artistic.  For those of you who can get past the fact that the main character is a pedophile, this book is a really great read.  I decided to read it after seeing it was on the banned books list and hearnig about how great the writing was and how very controversial it was for it’s time, and still even in this time.  If you enjoy trying new books and reading outside of the box, please give this one a read!



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