30 Days of Books – Day 10

30 Days of Books

Day 10

Best scene ever.

I love one of the scenes at Sam’s house with the piano music.  I felt like I could be sitting right there in the room listening to the piano resonating throughout the house.  Piano music is my favorite music ever; I think it is absolutely beautiful.

I chose a key in the middle.  A clear note resounded through the airy room.  Sparks traveled up my spine, and I pressed another, and another.  Each note was lower than the last as my fingers crept toward the left end of the piano.  I tried one on the right, and the note was higher.  It wasn’t like a song at all, but hearing the sound bounce across the polished stone and furniture–my cheeks hurt from grinning.

Sam sat on the bench, dragged his fingertips across the keys without pressing any, then picked out my four notes.  They came staccato.  Tuneless.

But there was something about the way he sat there, something familiar.  This wasn’t a borrowed piano.

Lots of people probably had pianos.

The four notes sounded again, this time in a slow rhythm, and when he glances at me, some indecipherable expression crossed his face.  

I couldn’t stop staring at his hands on the piano keys, the way they fit there so comfortably.

He played my notes again, but instead of stopping after, he played the most amazing thing my ears had ever heard.  Like waves on a lakeshore, and wind through trees.  There were lightning strikes, thunder, and pattering rain.  Heat and anger, and honey sweetness.

I’d never heard this music before.  There seemed no room to breathe around my swollen heart as the music grew, made me ache inside.

It went on forever, and not long enough.  Then my four notes came again, slow like before.  I struggled to breathe as the sound echoed against my thoughts.  And quiet blanketed the parlor.

I couldn’t remember sitting.  Just as well.  My legs didn’t feel strong enough to hold me up.


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