30 Days of Books – Day 20 and 21

30 Days of Books

Day 20

Favorite kiss.

I loved the kiss scene in this book because it was a kiss with build up over some time.  There was no insta-love for this relationship and I adored the way Sam was with Ana.   One reason why it is my favorite kiss scene is because of the masquerade that was going on.  Everybody was in costume and masks and I could picture all of the colors and beautiful costumes, in my head it was so gorgeous!  Sam thought he was being slick with Ana, thinking she wouldn’t know it was him, but of course she does and plants a sweet kiss on him.  I just loved the imagery and romance of this kiss scene!

Day 21

Favorite romantic/sexual relationship.

Quince and Lily are my favorite romantic relationship because of how playful they are and how much they like to torture each other.  Quince is pretty protective over Lily and likes to keep her safe, even if it isn’t what she wants.  They have fun banter and they play-bicker.  I think they are an adorable couple and Quince would do anything for Lily.


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  1. I haven’t read either of these! I’ve seen them come up on your blog quite a few times though. Maybe I should add them to my TBR list 🙂

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