Sever Cover Reveal

Another wonderful cover for the final installement in The Chemical Garden series!  Wither’s cover was what pulled me toward the book in the first place.  It is just so eye catching! There is a lot of stuff that goes into these covers and they are gorgeous!  There are always things on the covers related to the books as well.  Before you read it, look at the covers, then after you do, you just have to look again and see each piece as it fit with the story.  The story is painted on the inside and outside of the book.  Love it!  So here is the final cover!

Gorgeous yes?  Click here for the Goodreads page to add it or here for the link to the USA Today book article.


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2 responses to “Sever Cover Reveal

  1. I’m liking the cover. I like how finally, we have a young woman who’s not walking away from us, lol. It’s definitely going to stand out among the shelves.

  2. Now I just need to read Fever! With all the talk about Sever, I’m dying to read it… I may buy an ebook because I want to read it TONIGHT lol.

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