30 Days of Books – Day 27

30 Days of Books

Day 27

If a book contains _____, I will always read it.

I am a sucker for a great love story.  True love, first love, forbidden love, love triangles, etc.  I just love love 🙂  I can’t help myself.  I am a hopeless romantic, so good love stories are must reads.  They make me feel all warm and fuzzy, or even break my heart if it is tragic love.  These are some books with great love stories:



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3 responses to “30 Days of Books – Day 27

  1. Time Travel!! I will read any books with time travel in it 😉
    I got addicted cuz of Outlander by Diana Gabaldon & The Ancient Future by Traci Harding.

    • There was a book I recently read that had time travel in it. It was pretty good. It’s called Tempest by Julie Cross and it’s a YA novel. I have a review of it on here, you may want to check that book out 🙂

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