Hello readers!

Well, I am officially on vacation, sitting at the airport about to board the plane, so don’t be surprised if my blog is rather quiet for a week.  I am very excited about this vacation because I’m going to Illinois for my family reunion for the first time 🙂 I’ve got 2 books and 2 e-books packed for the plane ride and downtime. We are going to be camping for about 5 days so not sure how good my signal is going to be, so if I don’t post for a while please forgive me! I’ll post again soon as I can!



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5 responses to “Vacation!!

  1. Yes, how awesome! Have fun on your vacation 🙂 Always good to see another camper 🙂 I’ll be off camping in August. And … umm… creepy? I live in IL and my family reunion is TODAY. Are we related!? LOL!!

  2. Amber Elise

    Ooo where will you be in Illinois?? Have fun!

    • In Moline! I’m visiting my mom dad side of the family. I haven’t met any of them yet I’ve only talked with them on facebook. I’m very excited!

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