Musing Mondays (13)

 Musing Mondays is a weekly meme hosted by MizB at Should Be Reading.  Each week we will get a fun reading related question to answer.  This week Musing asks:

There were actually two questions this week since MizB forgot she pre-wrote one (which I have done before as well), and since I liked both questions, I am going to answer both!

Have you ever read a book that, at the time, you didn’t feel a strong connection towards, but as time goes by you find yourself thinking about it a lot?

There have been a few books I have felt this way over.  One example is Tiger’s Curse.  Don’t get me wrong, it was enjoyable, but I didn’t feel like it was super fantastic.  I have only read the first book since I haven’t gotten around to reading the others yet, but I want to very much.  I think about it now and want to know what is happening with the characters because I really did like them.  It seems like my negative points that I may have scored this book a little lower for have been forgotten, so I’m thinking the rating should be different now.  An e-book example is Rebecca McKinnon’s Annexed and Cantrip books.  There is a third one to come out and I really want to read it because I really want to know what is going to happen for the final book of the trilogy.  It wasn’t a fantastic read either, but I kind of got attached to the characters and I want to finish their story.

Have you ever been to a book signing or met an author?  If so, who was it?  What did you think?  (If you haven’t yet met an author, or been to a signing, who would you like to meet?)

I have met a couple of authors, though none are extremely famous.  I met Travis Thrasher and he was incredibly nice.  He was the first author I met and he was very pleasant and even talked to me some about becoming a writer and he was very encouraging.  I had never heard of him before and saw a sign that said he was coming to our local B&N, so I bought the book (Ghostwriter, which I thoroughly enjoyed and became a fan of his) and had him sign it.  I met another author who is local to our area here in SC, Steve Brown, and he bases his novels in Charleston.  He was very nice, too, and he is coming back later this month.  And I found out that the sister of my mother’s best friend is Angela Knight, who writes romance novels, another local author that had done pretty well.  I emailed her telling her who I was and she was pleased to meet and talk with me!  We talked about a lot of different things about writing and she complimented me on one of my own pieces I let her read.  I can’t even begin to name off all the other authors I would like to meet, most of which of course are the YA writers!  Hopefully one day I will get to go to one of the conventions or tours and meet some 🙂



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4 responses to “Musing Mondays (13)

  1. I think maybe even in a less than great book, one aspect can stand out and stick in your mind..a great setting or a great character or some part of the plot.

    and I met, in person, just one Famous Author. It was very exciting.

  2. Kwizgiver

    Reading your answer made me think of a series I started last year–that I wasn’t nuts about the book but I have to see where the characters go!

  3. 2 questions this week? Didn’t see the other one. But, I totally agree. It was more ‘getting-attached’ to the characters, and their traits, or individual stories. Rather than the whole novel itself.

    I haven’t actually been to any author book signings. I’ve been to a few with celebrities, though. Justin Beiber, Paris Hilton (*rolls eyes*). I’ve actually seen one author signing, but I wasn’t actually getting anything signed…

    Great post! Check out mine? We kind of modified the whole meme a bit, but Err. Eh. Here’s the link (:

  4. 2 questions this week? Oooh, same! I kind of fell for more for the characters than the WHOLE novel itself. I ended up reading the whole series in 3 days. ( I was just a incy-bit hooked…)

    I actually haven’t been to many author signings. Only 1. I wasn’t actually getting anything signed, though … I think. Ooh! I recently went to a Paris Hilton signing (*rolls eyes*). I refused to buy the book, though.

    Check out my MM post? I kind of modified the whole meme a bit, but Err.

    Here’s the link:

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