In My Mailbox (17)

 In my mailbox is a fun weekly meme hosted by The Story Siren that lets us share our bookish finds!

I think this is the biggest IMM I have had so far!  I found some great book bargain that I just could not pass up!

Clockwork Angel – Cassandra Clare

Elixir – Hilary Duff

The Eternal Ones – Kirsten Miller

All You Desire – Kirsten Miller

Water Shaper – Laura Williams McCaffrey

The Hunger Games Trilogy – Suzanne Collins

Master of Darkness – Angela Knight (Signed)

So what was in your mailbox this week?



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9 responses to “In My Mailbox (17)

  1. Wow you did get some awesome books. They are all so good, hope you enjoy them.. Have a great week.

    Jenea @ Books Live Forever
    The Sunday Post

  2. The Hunger Games books are awesome! Elixir looks interesting too! Thanks for sharing and happy reading!

    My Letterbox Love!

  3. Clockwork Angel is a fabulous book! I hope you enjoy it! 🙂

    I’m too poor to buy any books. Le sigh.

    • I can understand that! My birthday was just a few days ago, so I have birthday money to buy books with 🙂 I can’t wait to start on Clockwork Angel, it’s sad it has taken me long to her it, lol.

  4. Wow, some great books! I’ve just finished The Eternal Ones and All You Desire is on my TBR pile! Happy reading!

    Here’s my IMM

  5. Awesome haul! I really want to pick up The Eternal Ones. It sounds pretty good! I absolutely LOVE the Hunger Games trilogy. It’s what really got me into reading. 🙂 Thanks for sharing and enjoy your books!

  6. Cool! You got the whole Hunger Games trilogy 🙂

  7. Wow you did have a great week! Clockwork Angel started off slow for me but I ended up liking it a lot. And Water Shaper and Master of Darkness look intriguing too. Happy belated birthday and happy reading!

  8. Great mailbox 😀 Hope you’ll love Clockwork Angel 😉 I did enjoy it. Also. The Hunger Games books are awesome. 🙂 Well, at least the first few times ;p lol 😀 Enjoy it all. 🙂
    Thank you for commenting on my mailbox. ❤
    Love, Carina @ Carina’s Books

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