Pushing the Limits Read Along – Week 4

 This fabulous event is hosted by ME Candace Book Blog, Natalia @ Dazzling Reads, The Page Turners, Mary @ The Book Swarm and The Bewitched Bookworms.

For 6 weeks, we will discuss the amazing emotional roller coaster that is Pushing the Limits. We will tear up with Echo, swoon over Noah and thoroughly enjoy this unbelievably fantastic book!  Every week will have awesometastic giveaways sponsored by HarlequinTEEN  and we have an epic, unique and absolutely adorable Grand Prize  sponsored by Bewitched Bookworms and Katie McGarry herself!
Ready for some fun?!
Along with the fun questions and reader discussions, there are also giveaways going on!
Visit the different hosts of the week to find out what the next giveaway is and below is the information about the awesome grand prize!

Grand Prize Package

The winner will be drawn from all participants during the course of the  Read-Along. Of course, if you participate every week, you’ll have 6  chances to win! This Prize Package is sponsored by Katie McGarry (we love her so much!!) and the Bewitched Bookworms and is special, unique and totally inspired by our loves: Echo & Noah!
  • 1 personalized, signed, finished copy of Pushing The Limits!(Katie will sign it to the winner!)
  • Fudge brownie mix since that’s Lila’s favorite and she always buys them when she is with Echo
  • Pushing the Limits Bookmark
  • A small Hot Wheels Corvette – VROOM!
  • CD from Angela McGarry. Katie’s sister-in-law wrote and recorded a song called Can You. The song is inspired by Pushing the Limits and is from Echo’s POV. Part of the chorus is: I’m broken, I’m shattered, I’m scarred. Can you really save me? It’s an amazing song.
  • Cinnamon Lip Gloss (Bath& Body works) Noah loves that Echo smells like Cinnamon …
  • Cinnamon Room Spray (Bath & Body Works)
  • Pair of Fingerless long Gloves

Now, for this week’s questions:

­­1. At a certain moment, Echo tells Noah that she feels safe with him. Echo thinks that because of this comforting feeling, she may be able to finally have a full night of peaceful sleep. Why do you think it is important for Echo to feel safe? And why no one else but Noah has been able to provide this to Echo?

Echo hasn’t really felt safe with anybody because of different traumas in her life.  People who say they love her have hurt her or left her, so it is hard for her to feel safe with anybody, but there is something she sees in Noah that shows her he will be there for her.  She trusts him and he has shown her that he will be there for her no matter what.

2. Beth, Noah’s friend, also has a very complex life situation, plus she also does drugs. However, what grabs my attention is her mean behavior towards Echo. Why do you think Beth hate/dislikes Echo so much?

I think she hates Echo because Echo is friend with the more popular crowd, where Beth’s group of people isn’t.  She thinks Echo will take advantage or think she is above people like Beth.

3. At some point, we finally get to know how Noah’s parents died at the fire and how it started. Unfortunately, this is something that has happened before. What tips to avoid a fire (especially when there are kids at home) do you know about? List a few! Recommendations to avoid tragedies are very valuable.

Hmm, always blow out candles, keep matches and lighters out of reach from kids, make sure not to leave on the stove, no flames without adult supervision, that kind of stuff.

4. Echo finally discovers more about what really happened to her the day she got her scars at her mother’s place. Unfortunately, this also involved Echo’s father and Ashley. What do you think about them and to what point do you think it makes them responsible to what happened to Echo?

I can see why she blames Ashley because she felt that Ashley put a wedge in the family, but I know it wasn’t on purpose.  Echo’s dad can seem a bit cold and selfish when it comes to some things and I wish he had been there for Echo more than he was.  Though he wasn’t horrible, he wasn’t the best dad, either and he definitely should have picked up on Echo’s call knowing how her mother could get.

5. On p.303 (from arc) Echo said to Noah: “I love you…[y]ou love your brothers more. I’m okay with that. In fact, it’s one of the things I love about you. You were right the other day. I do want to be part of a family. But I’d never forgive myself if I was the reason you didn’t get yours… I love you enough to never make you choose.”  What do you think of Echo’s decision to break up with Noah? What does it mean to you?

She obviously loves him a lot to break up with him in efforts to make sure he got his family, though I think she never should have broken up with him because he needs her to be there for him.  True he does have Beth and Isaiah, but it isn’t quite the same as having the girl you love there, too.  The love Echo has for Noah is beautiful and selfless and this was the perfect way to show it.



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3 responses to “Pushing the Limits Read Along – Week 4

  1. I totally agree about Echo’s dad/Ashley. I know they weren’t being the most responsible parents, but I think it was hard on everyone! Seems like no one really handled Ashley’s changing role in the Emerson family very well.

  2. Awesome answers! I got to read this early from NetGalley and I just LOVED them! Ahh that last question? LOVE! I totally love that scene so much and I definitely did think it took a lot for her to do that ❤

    • I was lucky enough to snag this one from NetGalley as well, in fact it was my first one! I loved it so much I bought the hard copy right after it was released 🙂

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