October = Halloween = Spooky Reads!

Along with loving fall, I also love Halloween!  I love Halloween movies, costumes, music, special series episodes, and of course READING!  I am hoping to get some good reading in for Halloween and I have quite a list of book I want to try to read this month.  Because of work I only get to read about 4 books a month, but I want to try to stay as busy as possible reading this month and read as many Halloween type books as I can, especially since November is NaNoWriMo and I won’t get nearly enough reading done in November.  I also tried to get some good Halloween audiobooks, but there wasn’t a good selection when I went to the library.  So here is my list of hopeful reads, which of course is subject to change 🙂

Alice in ZombielandGena Showalter

House of LeavesMark Z. Danielewski

TenGretchen McNeil

Something Strange and DeadlySusan Dennard

Bone DressingMichelle I. Brooks

The Darkening DreamAndy Gavin

Girl of NightmaresKendare Blake

And of course any other ones I think of along the way.  For Something Strange and Deadly, I will be participating in a read along with Brittany @ The Book Addict’s Guide.  You can find the button in my sidebar if you would like to participate.  Happy haunted reading!



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2 responses to “October = Halloween = Spooky Reads!

  1. Yayyy thanks for the shout out 🙂 I’m excited to get the read along kicking! I should have next week’s questions up tonight or tomorrow 🙂
    Those are some great choices! I forgot all about Alice in Zombieland.

  2. Great list of spooky Halloween reads! Looking forward to reading Something Strange and Deadly along with you, and I’ll be reading Ten too. Alice in Zombieland also sounds like a good one. Happy reading 🙂

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