Something Strange and Deadly Read Along Week 4

Hosted by Brittany at The Book Addict’s Guide.

Week 4
Chapters 22-END

Well, we are at the end of the book and our lovely read along.  Thanks to Brittany for getting us together for this fun read along.  I enjoyed seeing everybody’s answers and thought on this book.  I actually finished this book last week, but I have been waiting until the end of the read along to post my review, so it will be coming shortly.  Here are my answers to the final week’s questions!

1. On page 284, Eleanor gives the same advice to Clarence as Jie gave to her: “You always have a choice.” Eleanor has started to evolve in her thinking a little bit and become more independent. How did Clarence take these words of wisdom? How do you think it’s affecting the relationship between Eleanor and Clarence at this point in the novel?

I think he took them the same way she took them at first.  People in their positions, ones who are watched by society and family and duty and such, they don’t think they have a choice.  Clarence can see that Eleanor is no longer someone to sit and be told what to do; she has her own choices to make, too and she is starting to stand up for herself more and realize that she does have a choice.

2. We finally find out what’s happened to Elijah – and it’s something that puts Eleanor in a very difficult position. Why do you think Elijah chose this path? And how do you think Eleanor handled the news? What would you have done in her situation?

I think if I was in her situation I would have been quite devastated and wouldn’t have handled it as well as she did, but I also would have tried to talk him out of what he was doing just like she did with Elijah. Even if people we care about have done something wrong ,we still don’t want to give up on them.

3. The last quarter of this book brings us a LOT of surprises and twists. What would you say was the biggest surprise to you?

There really was a lot of surprises!  It is hard to say what the one is that surprised me most, but I guess I would have to say what happened to Elijah and the result of it.  Didn’t see that kind of thing happening!

4. Now that we’ve finished with the book, what did you think? How did you feel about the book as a whole? Where do you think her story will take us in the next book?

I really enjoyed it and was surprised by some of the decisions the author made for the story.  This book could have been on its own, but knowing there is going to be another one, I hope she meets back up with the Spirit-Hunters and we see a romantic relationship develop.  They have someone else to go after now and I hope to see a lot of cool supernatural scenes.  I am really looking forwad to the sequel!


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