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The Deja Vu Review is hosted by Brittany at The Book Addict’s Guide and spotlights books with a mini review that we have read in the past or before we started our blog.

This week’s topic: A book with a strange name

Perfume Cover Perfume: The Story of a Murderer
Patrick Suskind

 My Rating: 4.5/5

 I actually watched the movie before I knew it was even a book, and the movie was not great.  I was so confused at the end and asked myself why I sat through the whole thing for it to end that way.  Being someone who loves to compare books and movies, I read it once I found out it was a book, and the book was sooooo much better, and it explained the bonkers ending.  Even when it was a movie, I thought the title was odd because perfume is a beautiful, sweet smelling thing, and murder is not such a good thing.  My favorite thing about this book is the way the author described scents; it is really fantastic!  It isn’t action packed and it isn’t a speed read, but the way it is written is wonderful and the story is unusual.  Definitely one to give a go if you are looking for something different.

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2 responses to “Deja Vu Review (6)

  1. Oooh very interesting. I’m glad the book was so much better! I’m guessing the movie had to cut too many things to keep it in the time frame?

  2. oooh sounds good, glad you enjoyed this one! The title certainly is strange.

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