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Deja Vu Review (8)

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The Deja Vu Review is hosted by Brittany at The Book Addict’s Guide and spotlights books with a mini review that we have read in the past or before we started our blog.

This week’s topic: A Holiday Story

The Christmas Wedding Cover The Christmas Wedding
James Patterson and Richard Dilallo

 My Rating: 3/5

 I was really hoping for more from this book.  I loved the cover and it really caught my eye and I hadnt’ read any romances from James Patterson in a while since he mostly does his detective series, unfortunately this romance did not live up to his other romances (when he still wrote by himself) like Suzanne’s Diary for Nicholas.  It wasn’t what I thought it was going to be, but it was an enjoyable fast read, but don’t be looking for anything amazing because it is lacking.   I wasn’t too involved with the characters and I wasn’t too into the romance either since there really wasn’t much.  All the romance happened in the past and now she is having to choose between three loves.  I had high expectations since I enjoyed his other romances, but this just fell kind of flat for me.  Hope everyone is having great holidays!!

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