Blogoversary Countdown – Day 8


Day 8

Easiest part of blogging?

This one is easy!  The easiest part of blogging is the reading!  Before I started blogging, I read kind of often, but blogging really pushes me to read as often as I can.  Through blogging I have also found some amazing books that have become favorites I probably wouldn’t have read had I not been introduced to them through the blogosphere and read so many rave reviews that changed my mind about books I wasn’t originally going to read.  And the reading challenges are a great way to push myself, too.  It’s a lot of fun trying to find the right book to fit the challenge you need, especially when you have multiple challenges.  The only hard part about reading is picking which book to read next when there are so many appealing books on my TBR!  What is your opinion about what is the easiest part of blogging?

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2 responses to “Blogoversary Countdown – Day 8

  1. I love reading and it is the reason that I started blogging too, I wanted to tell other people than my poor husband, who did always listen, but really didn’t have any idea of what I was talking about. I do need to try and do some more reading challenges though. 🙂

    • Yeah, I can’t really talk books to my boyfriend, either. I get so excited about a book and try to talk about it, but I can tell by the look on his face he erally doesn’t want to hear it lol.

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