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Waiting on Wednesday (37)

WaitingonWednesday Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly event hosted by Jill at Breaking the Spine that spotlights upcoming releases that we’re eagerly anticipating.

This week I am waiting on:

Ashes on the Waves Cover Ashes on the Waves
Mary Lindsey

Release 6-27-13

 Liam MacGregor is cursed. Haunted by the wails of fantastical Bean Sidhes and labeled a demon by the villagers of Dòchas, Liam has accepted that things will never get better for him—until a wealthy heiress named Annabel Leighton arrives on the island and Liam’s fate is changed forever.

With Anna, Liam finally finds the happiness he has always been denied; but, the violent, mythical Otherworlders, who inhabit the island and the sea around it, have other plans. They make a wager on the couple’s love, testing its strength through a series of cruel obstacles. But the tragedies draw Liam and Anna even closer. Frustrated, the creatures put the couple through one last trial—and this time it’s not only their love that’s in danger of being destroyed.

Based on Edgar Allan Poe’s chilling poem, “Annabel Lee,” Mary Lindsey creates a frighteningly beautiful gothic novel that glorifies the power of true love.

Why I am Waiting:

It’s based on Edgar Allen Poe’s Annabel Lee!  How could I not want to read this??  Plus, the cover is awesome.  Doesn’t it just sound like it will be incredible?  Only 8 more days….

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Top Ten Tuesday (37)

Top Ten Tuesday Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted at The Broke and The Bookish.  Each week a new top ten list is posted, and to participate all you have to do is fill in YOUR top ten for the list.

This week the topic is:

Top Ten Books on my Summer TBR List

1. Ink – Amanda Sun:It takes place in Japan.  ‘Nuff said.

2. Ashes on the Waves – Mary Lindsey: Based on Edgar Allen Poe’s Annabel Lee, how could I not want to read this one?

3. The Last Olympian – Rick Riordan: I just finished the 4th book of the Percy Jackson series, so I can’t hold off too long to read the final installment.

4. Just One Day – Gayle Forman: I want to participate in the Read Along with Brittany over at The Book Addict’s Guide for this one

5. Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea – April Genevieve Tucholke:  This one sounds really interesting and different and I love the cover with all of the fancy text.

6. Type – Alicia Hendley: I won this one from LibraryThing and it is right up my alley with psychological aspects.

7. Dare You To – Katie McGarry:  I loved Pushing the Limits so much and I just can’t wait to be able to read this one!

8. The Beautiful and the Cursed – Page Morgan:  Another interesting spin on a book, plus the cover is gorgeous.

9. The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight – Jennifer E. Smith:  I am ashamed to say I STILL haven’t made it to this book yet…

10. If He Had Been With Me – Laura Nowlin: I have been wanting to read this one since I first heard about it and I want it to make me cry because it sounds just so devastating.

My list is a tad late today, had to get up early and take my boyfriend to his doc appointment so he could get his CT scan done.  Who knew that they make you wait 2 HOURS before you can leave because of the injection.  Better late than never I guess 🙂

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Blogoversary Countdown – Day 4


Day 5

My favorite book this past year

I read a bunch of really good books this past year so this one is a bit harder to choose. I even added a few new ones to my faves list I like some of them so much.  I think that for this year though that my favorite would have to be On the Jellicoe Road.

On The Jellicoe Road Cover

I wouldn’t have read this book had it not been for all the rave reviews I saw around the blogosphere.  It sounded a bit interesting when I read the synopsis, but that wasnt enough to really make me feel like I had to read it right away.  The synopsis really doesn’t do this book justice for pulling you in.  It was a fabulous read and touched me in so many ways.  The story was so hopeful and tragic and beautiful all at once.  So I have to say THANK YOU to all the bloggers that the wrote reviews that convinced me to read this story!  If you havent read it yet, you really should and if you would like to see my review you can read it here and I hope it convinces someone to read it like I was!  Do you have a favorite read for this past year?

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Blogoversary Countdown – Day 5


Day 5

Most disappointing book this past year

I just hate when a book turns out to be a disappointment when I had such high hopes for it.  Everybody has THAT book…the one that sounds like it is going to be beyond amazing.  The cover is gorgeous, the title is catchy, the synopsis make you say “YES PLEASE!” but then…it just falls really flat.  That book for me was Kissing Shakespeare.

Kissing Shakespeare Cover

I mean…just look at that cover; it is so pretty and delicate with the soft colors.  I thought it was going to be an amazing romance with William Shakespeare, but I was sadly disappointed.  Don’t get me wrong, the writing was really good, but the story wasn’t what I thought it was going to be. It wasn’t epic, it wasn’t romantic, and there was no happy sigh or heart melting for someone in love.  You can find my full review here and see why I was so disappointed.  What book have you had that was a major disappointment?

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*Review* The Titan’s Curse – Rick Riordan

The Titan's Curse Cover The Titan’s Curse (Percy Jackson and the Olympians #3)

Rick Riordan

304 pages

ISBN: 9780141382890

Read 5-31-13

Format: Audiobook

Source: Library

Add it on Goodreads!

 When the goddess Artemis goes missing, she is believed to have been kidnapped. And now it’s up to Percy and his friends to find out what happened. Who is powerful enough to kidnap a goddess? They must find Artemis before the winter solstice, when her influence on the Olympian Council could swing an important vote on the war with the titans. Not only that, but first Percy will have to solve the mystery of a rare monster that Artemis was hunting when she disappeared—a monster rumored to be so powerful it could destroy Olympus forever.

I love the Percy Jackson series!  It’s very exciting and fun.  The characters are great and I love hearing about the different Greek gods and goddesses.  The author really knows how to bring his characters to life!

Percy is a great character he is brave even though he is so young and he does whatever it takes to keep those he cares about safe.  He definitely has some crazy and dangerous adventures, but he has some great friends to help him out.  Annabeth is probably my second favorite character and you can tell Percy cares about her.

We get to see more of Thalia in this book and she is a strong character.  Her and Percy butt heads a lot and seems like they are both trying to be leaders.  The new quest is very dangerous, lives are at stake, Olympus is at risk and the goddess Artemis is missing, so there is plenty of action in this book.

The world in this series is really wonderful and it feels huge since they constantly have stuff going on, see new places and meet a lot of new people.  Not only do they have the places in the “regular world,” but they have all of the places they can get to from the mythological world as well.  I look forward to the last 2 books of the series, plus the movie for Sea of Monsters which comes out on my birthday 🙂

Great characters, vast world, action, exciting.

5 bookmark

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Blogoversary Countdown – Day 6


Day 6

Favorite part of blogging

This one is another easy one!  My favorite part of blogging is definitely the community of bloggers.  Everybody is very nice, and when I first started, incredibly welcoming.  In two years of blogging, I haven’t once come across someone being rude!  Even when differences of opinion rise in book discussions and such, nobody is ever rude and people are respectable about it even if it is the complete opposite of their own.  Why can’t it be like that in classrooms?  Many bloggers even get to meet in real life at book and author events, which is awesome and I look forward to being able to meet some of my blogger friends.  Being from SC, it makes it difficult to get to a bunch of the really big events like BEA, especially when I have to take vacation from work for it.  Maybe I will finally get to make it to BEA next year ad meet some of the awesome bloggers 🙂  What is your favorite part of blogging?

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Blogoversary Countdown – Day 7


Day 7

Hardest thing about blogging

The hardest thing about blogging for me is having the time for it.  When I first started my blog two years ago, I didn’t realize how much time is devoted to it.  Plus, I had more time then than I do now anyway; I worked a different shift, I was single, and my responsibility list was a lot shorter than it is now.  Now, I have my own house to keep up with, my boyfriend and his 4 year old live with me now, I work 8-5  which is during peak commenting times, and then whatever miscellaneous stuff I have to do day to day.  It is hard to juggle everything!  I am very impressed with the bloggers that can juggle so much 🙂 What is the hardest thing about blogging for you?

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Blogoversary Countdown – Day 8


Day 8

Easiest part of blogging?

This one is easy!  The easiest part of blogging is the reading!  Before I started blogging, I read kind of often, but blogging really pushes me to read as often as I can.  Through blogging I have also found some amazing books that have become favorites I probably wouldn’t have read had I not been introduced to them through the blogosphere and read so many rave reviews that changed my mind about books I wasn’t originally going to read.  And the reading challenges are a great way to push myself, too.  It’s a lot of fun trying to find the right book to fit the challenge you need, especially when you have multiple challenges.  The only hard part about reading is picking which book to read next when there are so many appealing books on my TBR!  What is your opinion about what is the easiest part of blogging?

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Blogoversary Countdown – Day 9


Day 9

What month did I read the most?

There was a tie between two months for the most reading.  That was August and October last year with 6 reads for each month (which I know isn’t a lot for some of you super fast readers!) and I usually read 5 a month depending on how crazy busy I am.  These months were shortly after I bought my house and I had a lot of time to myself at home, now that my boyfriend stays with me and his son every other week, I don’t get as much time to myself.  A rambunctious 4 year old can keep you from reading time because you can’t say no when he comes up to you asking to play with big puppy dog eyes.  This was also when I started listening to more audio books since my move gave me a longer drive to work and my boyfriend lived on the other side of town.  I love audio books and I haven’t turned on the radio in so long I wouldn’t be able to tell you what songs are popular right now.  My favorite audio book has to be Daughter of Smoke and Bone read by Kristine Hvam.  She does such an incredible job!  Hopefully sometime soon I might get more read time to myself and up my monthly read numbers after my boyfriend goes back to work (he is out on workman’s comp because he ruptured a disk in his back at work OUCHIES!).  I’m jealous of all these bloggers that have the ability to read so incredibly fast and can read so many books during a read-a-thon over a weekend!

Don’t forget to check out my giveaway!  Happy reading!

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2 Year Blogoversary and Giveaway!!


This month I am celebrating my 2 year blogoversary!  I know things have been slow lately, but life has been pretty hectic and seems to be getting even crazier!  Thanks to all of you readers that still stick with me even in my slow times.  My blogoversary is 10 days from now, so for the next 10 days, I am going to be doing a post a day for different bookish/bloggish things.   Today starts the countdown, plus there is the GIVEAWAY!  It begins today and will end midnight on June 30th.  There will be two winners and they will each get to pick a book of their choice worth up to $15 from The Book Depository and is international (as long as they ship to you).  Let the countdown begin!

Day 10

Most viewed post

Peter Pan Cover

My most view post this past year was my review of J.M. Barrie’s book Peter Pan.  This book always seems to be the most popular of all my reviews and gets viewed incredibly often.  This past year this one post alone had nearly 1800 views.  It always puzzles me why this one specifically gets so many views.

Now, on to the giveaway!  Follow the link here to get to the giveaway and the rafflecopter entry form.  Thanks for being such awesome followers!  Good luck to everybody who enters 🙂

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