Help Me with Some Feedback!

So…I broke 550 followers, and that means it is time for another giveaway!  But, I need some help to make sure this one is planned well, if they need to be better or if the ones I have had so far have been up to par 🙂  So what I need is some feedback from you guys on what you like in giveaways.  I’d love to hear if y’all like giveaways that are shorter (only a week or less) or longer (a couple weeks or more), under 10 options for entries, or NUMEROUS options, etc.  Would love to hear my followers’ opinions, after all, this is all for you!

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5 responses to “Help Me with Some Feedback!

  1. techeditor

    I’d be glad to give feedback, but you need to ask more questions. That’s the only way I know what you want to know.

    Many people, me included, prefer that giveaways be literary thrillers, not romances or dracula or supernatural or YA. I prefer giveaways that are shorter (only a week or less) and that roboform have fewer than four options for entries. More than that gets ridiculous, and I usually just skip them.

    If you have more specific questions, feel free to email me.

    • I agree about too many options. I like to use Rafflecopter and I generally have about 5-7 options, but there was one I participated in that had about 25-30 different options, and I only did half since it was just way too much! As for the gifts, lately I have been doing The Book Depository book of the winners choice under $15 so they get to choose 🙂

  2. I love the giveaways that are from The Book Depository for a specific price. It keeps it open to international followers and let’s the winner choose what they want. I also prefer giveaways that are shorter (like 2 weeks max) and with few options. I’ve seen a few that are just 30+ options and have been deterred by it. Congrats on the 550 followers! 🙂

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