Just One Day Read Along Week 1

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Jenna over at Jenna Does Books is hosting a Read Along for Gayle Forman’s Just One Day, and I am excited to be participating in the read along!

  1. At the start of Just One Year, Allyson, a girl just out of high school, attempts to “reinvent” herself by cutting off her long, dark hair. Have you ever “reinvented” yourself, either physically or as a break in your usual routine? Why?I guess maybe in a way I did once.  It was after I ended a relationship and I ended up getting a new car, my first tattoo and chopping off my hair.  I think it was because I wanted something different and wanted to focus on me.  The car was actually very needed since I was T-boned and the passenger side was crushed, but the hair and tattoo were totally a spur of the moment thing.  That was 8 years ago and I still don’t regret my tattoo – I actually ended up regretting the car since the people at the car lot were the devil and did me wrong >.<
  2. When we first meet Allyson, she is an all-American “good girl” who has just undergone a European Tour. But other than her hair, she is no different than she was in high school. On the other hand, Melanie has managed to reinvent herself, turning from a “good girl” to a party-all-night flirt. What did you think of the ease with which Melanie reinvents herself?I think Melanie could have wanted to be that way the whole time and now is her chance to be this different person, the party girl has been unleashed and her true colors just may be showing.
  3. After watching Twelfth Night at the waterfront, Allyson finds herself at a morose standstill. The play is over, but Allyson continues to clap and clap, hoping to make the moment last, so lost was she in the play. She hesitates to return to her “normal” life, associating the play (and also movies) with a “greater” reality. Have you ever felt the same, that a movie, play or book seemed more “real” than your own life?I have definitely immersed myself completely in a book before and didn’t want it to be over.  I love the worlds of some of my favorite books and the way I end up attached to some of the characters.  This is the exact reason there are book hangovers!  
  4. When Allyson decides to go with Willem to Paris, Melanie is not happy. It seemed as though, even though Melanie was trying to encourage Allyson to change, when Allyson actually did something adventurous, Melanie still wasn’t happy. Do you think maybe Melanie liked having a friend who was more serious so she could be the exciting one?I think that it could have been that, but also I think Melanie is a bit jealous.  We saw her trying to flirt with Willem and be the one with the attention, but then it turned out that Allyson was the one who got to go on the adventure with this hot guy, so I think that jealousy plays a part as well.
  5. At this point in the book, who do you find yourself more similar to? Allyson or Melanie? Why?Definitely Allyson!  I am no where near as outgoing as Melanie and even something as small as cutting off my hair can have me riddled with anxiety.  I am one of those people that likes the calm situations, though unlike Allyson, I do love to travel.  And every now and then I do like to do something spontaneous.
  6. Allyson seems to experience more with Willem over the span of just one day in Paris than she did during her entire European tour throughout the summer. What do you think it is about Willem (or this one day) that brings out the adventurous side of Allyson?I think, not only is a hot guy giving her an awesome day, but she is able to do it at her own pace and see the things she really wants to see.  She likes the “real life” side of the countries, not the touristy part, and Willem is able to show her the every day life of foreign culture.  Also, it is just one day, so she can be whoever she wants to be (Lulu) for this one day and not be inhibited by what others are going to think.

I am enjoying this book so much so far and I am only 10 chapters in.  Definitely glad I decided to participate and enjoy this book with others 🙂

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  1. I definitely agree with your thoughts on Melanie! It seems like she was leaning more towards “party girl” — or just more outgoing and social butterfly at least — and now she has an opportunity to reinvent herself with no parents around so she’s going full steam ahead!

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