Just One Day Read Along Week 2

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Sorry this week’s questions are just a little late!  Things have been CRAZY BUSY and I didn’t get to read these chapters as quick as I would have liked.  Stop by over at Jenna Does Books, the host of this awesome read along to check out her answers and see what others have to say.

  1. Time seems to be a major topic in Just One Day, especially after we learn about the origin of Allyson’s watch, which was given to her by her parents. What do you think is the significance of Allyson’s watch? Does is represent who Allyson is as a person at this point in the story?I definitely don’t think it represents Allyson as a person.  The watch is very much not her and she wears it like a ball and chain.  To me, it is more of a reminder of how her parents want her to be and that GOING PLACES may only be referring to the places they want her to go instead of what she truly wants to do.  She has really great grades and she is really smart and could do whatever she wants, but she feels the need to do what her parents want and go places for them instead of herself.
  2. Do you think Allyson reacted too quickly when she woke up and Willem wasn’t there?If I was in that situation, I probably would have reacted much the same way.  Especially after waiting for so long and he still hadn’t returned and no signs that looked as if he was going to, but I probably still would have waited a bit longer, just in case.
  3. How would you have reacted if you woke up in a foreign country to find the person who brought you there suddenly gone?Pretty much the same way Allyson did.  She didn’t know where she was, had no money, couldn’t speak the language, so yeah, I would have had a massive melt down, too.  She was lucky she was able to contact Ms. Foley and get help that way, with my luck, there’s no telling how long I would be stuck!
  4. Everyone seems to know what they want for Allyson. Do you see any similarity in the way Allyson handles conflict with her parents and with Melanie?Everybody knows what they want for Allyson, except for Allyson.  She only worries about doing things that will make others happy and not what will make her happy, even if it means being miserable at school and with her best friend.  She makes all her choices depending on how she thinks other people would want her to choose instead of being true to herself and doing what she wants.  The way she handles conflict seems to be the same with everybody – anger, lashing out, attitude.  Everybody has been pushing her and instead of giving herself time to heal she just keeps trying to bury it and ignore it and do what others want and the anger of it all keeps boiling over.
  5. How do you feel about the direction Allyson’s life is going during her first few months in college? Do you find yourself sympathizing with her, or do you want to shake her in order to help her wake up?Sometimes I do want to shake her and tell her, it was just one day and she needs to get past it so she doesn’t ruin her education and hard work because of one day with one guy.  But at the same time I sympathize with her because having your heart broken, even if it was someone you knew for just the one day and thought you were gaining feelings for, it can still really hurt and drag you down.

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