Just One Day Read Along Week 3

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Week 3 answers are now here!  I am really enjoying this great read along with Jenna Does Books and can’t wait to read the last segment and see what happens!  Next month will be the read along for Just One Year over at The Book Addict’s Guide with Brittany and I am excited to be participating in it as well seeing how much I have loved Just One Day so far.  Just one more week of questions after this!  On to answers….

  1. What is your opinion? Do you think signing up for the Shakespeare class is progress for Allyson, or regression – since it may not necessarily help her to move on from “that one day”? I think that it could be progress.  A step toward coping and facing things that happened, even if it is not the coping mechanism she expected (she didn’t expect coping at all from this class I’m sure).  It was rough and bumpy, but I think it was a great help to her.  I didn’t see it as trying to relive what she had in that one day, especially since she was really wary of the class in the first place.  She avoided everything that made her think of him and never really tried to cope and heal, so I think it was good that she didn’t give up on the class from the start.
  2. Ah, Dee… Share your input on this unique character. How is he similar/dissimilar from Willem? I love Dee!  He is a really awesome character and friend.  He is similar to Willem in the fact that he is his own person and does whatever he wants, and of course there is the Shakespeare part.  Dee is very different with everybody he isn’t close too, having different identities depending on who he is talking to, including different accents depending on how the other person sees him.  Those close to him are the ones who get to see the real him.  Having known Willem for just the one I can’t say if he and Dee are the same in this aspect, but he seemed pretty real with Allyson.
  3. Why do you think it was easier for Allyson to make friends with Dee than it was for her to make friends with her roommates?  I think she saw some of herself in him that she never saw in her roommates.  He isn’t what he seems to be and Allyson isn’t either, which goes along quite well with the theme of their class.  She didn’t have to worry about who she was with Dee and wasn’t trying to be someone she wasn’t like the Happy College Student she tried to be for her parents and such.
  4. What do you think it was about Allyson’s class performance of Rosalind from As You Like It that caused Dee to approach Allyson and forgive her?I think he probably saw the truth in her performance and how much she was hurting.  With everything that he picked up on her over the time they were hanging out, I’m sure he figured out some of what she kept secret.  Knowing Allyson, I’m sure he would have known real pain versus performance pain.
  5. By beginning her search for Willem, in what ways did you see Allyson growing as an individual? What life-lessons was she acquiring?  She is doing more of what she actually wants to do and she is starting to stand up for herself.  She is taking control of her life and becoming happier by doing so.  She isn’t relying on other to make the decisions for her and she is becoming her own person, too.  She has also started to realize that others have hardships also, even if they don’t talk about them either.

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