Need a Critique Partner?

So, with NaNoWriMo just around the corner, many people would love to find a critique partner.  I know I really do!  Enter the fabulous blog The Secret Life of Writers!  They are doing something called the S.L.O.W. Buddies Project, which is something to help you find a great partner by matching you up with someone compatible through an intro email you send them.  Based on what you tell them and how your personality seems, they will match you up with one of the others that have also emailed in 🙂  I think it is a fantastic idea and a good motivator!  So far, they have 25 people last I knew of, and they will send out pairings on the 18th of this month.  I already sent in my long email, so will you be joining me in the hunt for a great partner?  It will be great to have a partner to support and motivate me in NaNo this year!  Click the banner at the bottom for the original post and details if you are interested in the Project!

Slow Buddies Button

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2 responses to “Need a Critique Partner?

  1. Oh, this is great! I may have to do it.

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