Truth or Dare (5)

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Truth or Dare is a fun new meme hosted by Jenna over at Jenna Does Books that is a bookish challenge based on the game of the same name.  Chose truth for a discussion type question or prompt, or if you are feeling a bit more adventurous, chose dare!  You can even choose both tasks if you like.  So…Truth or Dare?

For this week’s ToD I picked:


What are the top 3 worst things about being a blogger?

I wasn’t about to sing on camera!  I only sing in the shower or in the car when I’m by myself.  There is a reason I was in band and not chorus in school.  This one is probably going to be kind of hard.

1. Lack of Time:  It is hard to do a lot of other things when all I really do is work and blog.  I hardly watch any TV and I read in the rest of the time I have.  I get a little family time, but really there isn’t time to do much else.  When I take time off for things, I tend to get behind.  I have hardly done any blogging this month since I am working on NaNoWriMo, and it sucks that I am getting so behind.  This year has been pretty busy since my boyfriend moved in with me and we have his son every other week, so I am not going to be making some of my book challenges since I haven’t had as much time to read and do my reviews.  I love my blog, so I keep going, it just becomes hard sometimes.

2. The Burnout:  Sometimes when everything tends to become hard, you get a bit burned out.  Especially when you have a full time job already on top of it.  The people who can work full time, have kids and still blog so often really amaze me.  Sometimes I do just want to take some me time and disappear.  If you’re a really serious blogger, it is like having another job and takes up a ton of time, especially if you’re one of the ones that visits so many other blogs and such often.

3. Turning Requests Down:  I hate having to do it, I really do, but I have been so busy, that I am not even open to accepting requests right now, but some people still send them anyway, and I really hate having to tell people no.  I want other writers to be successful and get their books out in to the world.  I’m hoping one day I will be asking some of you to read my books and I understand not everybody is going to say yes, but I really hate having to be one of them that says no.

So yeah, these are things that I think are the worst about being a blogger, though the good things definitely outweigh the bad!

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