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Desolate November

So, this past November was super busy of course and I hardly posted anything, but with NaNo, that is to be expected.   So now that we are out of November, my posts can start to pick back up again.

Though I didn’t make it to 50k words, I did get pretty far (for me) and I will keep working hard on my book.  I praise everybody who participates in NaNo and those who make it to the finish line really amaze me.  It is difficult to get to 50k when your a parent and work full time, but I did get a nice big start and made it over half way, so I am not disappointed that I didn’t make it to the end.

Sadly, being so busy between family, work and writing, I didn’t get ANY reading done.  I hate when I don’t get to read!  Since I lost an entire month of reading, I am not going to make all of my reading challenges either, but I knew in the beginning that it was going to be really hard since I have had so many changes going on this year.

A new change I am thinking about it the possibility of a partner.  I am wanting to get my reader cousin to help me out on the blog.  She is the only person I get to squeal over books with like I want to since she reads like I do.  She is excited about the prospect of it and so am I, so we will see how everything goes with that 🙂

I hope everybody had a great Thanksgiving!  Mine was pretty good and laid back.  I love spending time with my family all together like that.  One of my cousins even made it back in time from Marine boot camp for the holiday.  Well, that is all for my November updating and posting (or lack thereof).  Oh, and one more thing before I forget, make sure you look tomorrow for my 600 Follower Giveaway!!  Y’all are awesome!

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