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So I was going through my Awesome Blogs I Follow page and checking on the blogs I have listed to see if they were still up to date.  Sadly, there are a lot that haven’t posted in quite some time, stop posting all together or the blogs have disappeared and no longer exist.  I like to keep that page current with active blogs, ones that my readers would like to keep up with and are still active.  I don’t like having to cut anybody from the blog page but I also do not want blogs that are no longer active or missing up for my readers.  When I went through and checked this time I had 4 full sticky notes of blogs that are on my cut list.



There are 43 blogs on this list 😦  About 2/3 of the list are blogs that are completely gone or haven’t posted in at least 6 months.  The others are on my list to watch and see if they update since they are getting close to being inactive for 6 months.

I really do hate having to cut anybody and I hate seeing blogs come to an end, but I also understand that some people get too busy to be able to keep up with the demands of having a blog.  Sometimes people begin and don’t realize the work that goes into them, I know I didn’t whenever I first started.  What is yall’s  opinions on keeping your blog list current?  Do you cut old blogs that no longer post or do you keep them up in case other readers still might want to see it?  Do you have a specific time limit on how long the blog has been inactive before you decide to cut them?  I hate having to do it but I want the page to be as accurate as possible for my readers.  Let me know your what you guys think!

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8 responses to “Discussion – Blog Roll Cuts

  1. Funny, I was going thought mine this morning and taking some off too and adding some. I think we have to every once in a while. 🙂

    • I try to add the new ones I come across as soon as I sign up for the new blogs, that way I don’t fall behind. With my memory, I’d forget all together! I’m just so sad there are SO MANY on my cut list.

  2. I don’t have a blogroll but I have noticed on other people’s that there are blogs on there that are not active any more…
    Thanks so much for stopping by! Jen @ YA Romantics

  3. I totally understand where you’re coming from. I don’t like un-following people, but it makes me sadder when they don’t post anything in a long while.

    On Tumblr, I’m following approximately 117 blogs, most of the time I don’t see stuff from many of them. I go into the list every now and then and if any blogger hasn’t done anything in 3 months, I un-follow them. There it’s only a matter of keeping my dashboard neat.

    Here on WordPress, it’s a bit of a different story. I’ll let the time range of not posting anything go a little longer 3 months (probably 6 months), but then, it’s un-follow here or there. I do like keeping things up to date. I love active bloggers–it gives me a chance to communicate with them.

  4. I usually cut blogs that aren’t active, unless they were one of my favorites. Then I keep them around in the hope that they’ll eventually come back. It sucks when a blog you love stops posting.

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