My 2014 Reading Challenges

So this year, I am doing 4 challenges.  I didn’t do so hot in last year’s challenges, but I did have my own IRL challenges I had to deal with, so it’s ok.  This year though, I am not going to try to over exert myself and I’m definitely wanting to finish all of these and surpass my goals if I can.  We will see how it goes this year 🙂

2014 Outdo Yourself Reading Challenge

I definitely think I can outdo myself this year since last year I read a whopping 35 books.  I see people reading 200 books and I just shake my head at myself, lol.  I am going to stay safe with the level Breaking a Sweat, which is 11-15 more books.  My goal for this year is 50, which seems so tiny in comparison to these super readers out there (seriously, how do some of y’all do it?!).  Hopefully I won’t have anything too crazy this year to keep me from my goal.



My shelves have so many books on them that I have bought, but still haven’t read yet, so this challenge is a necessity!  I really should be ashamed that I had to grab up all those books I just had to have, but then..there they are…staring at me…still unread.  So, TBR Pile Challenge, here I come!  I am going to commit to A Firm Handshake and try to read between 1-10 of my stack, which doesn’t seem like much, but there are so many books coming out I want to read too!


New Author Challenge

This one is always one of my favorite challenges because I love finding new favorite authors.  I will be including known and debuting authors for this challenge and I hope to find plenty of new favorites!  I am going to commit to 15 for this year.


Book to Movie Challenge

I LOVE to compare between movies and books, though I am a watcher then reader, so when I found this challenge I knew I wanted to participate.  I think I will start off with Movie Devotee, which is 6 books, and see how it goes.  Maybe I’ll get more in than I hoped :-)


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9 responses to “My 2014 Reading Challenges

  1. These are great goals, especially the book to movie challenge. I have trouble starting/finishing books before their movies come out but when I do manage to, I love comparing them too! 🙂 Best of journeys this year.

  2. Good luck with your challenges, they sounds like fun.

  3. MidnightPageTurners

    Good luck with the challenges! I’m trying to do the TBR and it’s going well, so far I’ve stuck to reading only TBR books and nothing else, I’ve gotten through three so far and am almost done with a fourth!

  4. I love comparing most kinds of adaptations to originals, but I do particularly love comparing movies to books. Thanks for joining the book to movie challenge! 🙂

  5. I, too, wish I were one of those readers who read 200 books a year. Good luck with all of your challenges and thanks for participating in the Outdo Yourself challenge!

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