*Review* Psycho Inside Me – Bonnie R. Paulson

Psychoinsideme Psycho Inside Me

Bonnie R. Paulson

Read 1-17-14

Format: E-book

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 I killed my first victim at thirteen years old – my age, not his. He was going to rape me, him and a couple of his friends. And so, I killed him. And then… I killed again. And again. 
At seventeen, I’m killing four to six times a year – maybe more. Don’t stress out. I only go after the pedophiles and rapists. There are more out there than I could cover in a lifetime. 
Saying I did this on my own would be selfish. Enforcing justice holds a glory all its own. But now, my lifelong friend and backup, Deegan, has been arrested. I have to decide if I want to give myself up and take his place or leave him with all the damning evidence. I don’t want to stop killing. But if I let him take the fall, I can’t kill anymore. And I need to keep doing that. 
But the worst part of it all? I love him.

Well….what can I say here.  The synopsis sounds so interesting and promising, I mean – first victim at 13?  Definitely an attention grabber, but…sad to say that I was not a fan of this book.  For a few different reasons.  I really, really, REALLY wanted to like this book, I truly did, but it just didn’t happen for me.  And guys…I’m not trying to be mean, I’m really not, but I don’t understand how this story has gotten so many 4 and 5 star ratings because there is just SO MUCH missing here.  It may be because of my background working with law enforcement, but….there were a bunch of gaps, and wait…but what about this? and how did this not happen??  Etc.

So, I will start with Cassie.  I understand why she feels the need to do this (I see nasty people like her victims on a regular basis, so yeah, I get why she would want to), and she was a mostly strong female main character.  I say mostly because who wouldn’t panic when they are about to murder someone?  Deegan is  sweet person to Cassie when they do their thing and go hunting, but I don’t like how he treats her the other times.

The writing style wasn’t bad, but it could use some improvement.  Like in the description department.  I love descriptions, but they just weren’t there for me.  I didn’t “see” what was going on the way I should have, especially for a story that could be incredibly gory with the murders.  There were also lots of jumps and stuff skipped and a huge one that had me yelling at my Nook.  For those who want to know below I am going to make a list of venting spoilers as to why I was not a fan of this story.


Ok, so here is my rant on why this book just wasn’t for me.

First, I never saw anything about any investigations.  NONE.  Not even when she killed the pervy cop.  Never even questioned.  No mention of any kind of DNA or hair evidence in vehicles, even when the pervy cop bit her nipple and had blood in his mouth.  There is no way that any police force wouldn’t scour the car and not find some kind of evidence of her there.

Next, there are big scenes missing I would have liked to have read.  Like her mom dying.  She was there, next day she was in an accident and gone.  That’s it.  Another missing scene that bothered me – you see how it says Deegan was arrested?  Yeah, you never see that either.  End of chapter they are sleeping together first time, beginning of next chapter is like 6 months later and she is visiting him in jail.  O.O  What??

And my final major complaint about this story…she killed 8 people while she was between 13 and 17, which yeah, is a minor, but they only gave her 4 years.  She calmly confessed to every single one of them, making it seem as if Deegan was not around and she did it herself and she got 4 years.  FOR KILLING 8 PEOPLE!  There was just so much that didn’t sit well or feel very realistic for me.


So yeah, that’s my rant.  I’m not trying to be mean or nasty in any way, but this book just really bothered me with it’s holes.  I wanted to DNF, but I am still having a problem bringing myself to actually doing that.

Had a lot of potential, not enough description, missing a lot, wasn’t realistic for me.

2.5 bookmark

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4 responses to “*Review* Psycho Inside Me – Bonnie R. Paulson

  1. Too bad it didn’t live up to the blurb, because it did sound good. 😦

  2. The part about Deegen did sound interesting, especially since the narrator is emotionally invested. The plot holes would have bothered me a lot as well. On top of that, the story itself seemed too intensely violent for my taste. ^_^’ But what would one expect from a book titled “Psycho Inside Me”? 🙂 Thanks for the review.

    • Honestly, it wasn’t quite as violent as it could have been. Since the description could have been better, the gore in it could have, too. Holes in books really, REALLY bother me. But, I did give it a good shot.

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