End of Hiatus

So my one week hiatus turned into two weeks, but I will be posting again now.  I had to take the hiatus due to a family emergency.  My nanny ended up in the hospital with a bad stroke and I spent a lot of time at the hospital when I wasn’t at work.  She is doing a lot better know thankfully and they got her to the hospital in enough time to give her TPA, which is a special medication for stroke patients that have to be given within a small window of time and I’ll tell you right now, that stuff is amazing!  Thanks to it, she is still able to move her arm and leg that were affected and it reversed a lot of the damage from the stroke that could have potentially been permanent.  The biggest difficulties now is still her speech and a few memory issues.  She couldn’t speak at all for the first few days, but talking to her yesterday, she is starting to make full sentences again, though her speech is slow and she still garbles some words.  I’ m just really grateful that she was with my mom when it happened and they recognized what it was right away and called the ambulance.  I’d love to hug the person that created the TPA meds for sure!  I hope none of you ever have to experience the terror of a loved one having a stroke but if you you do I hope everybody knows how to spot the signs and act F.A.S.T.

stroke fast


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4 responses to “End of Hiatus

  1. Glad your nanny is doing better, and also that you took the time to be there for her, in her recovery. 🙂 Welcome back!

  2. I’m really glad to hear that she’s doing better!

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