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Hey guys!  Long time no posting, sorry about that.  As I mentioned before in one of my last posts, I started school back, which is very exciting (I’m one of those dorks who love school!) and I’ve had to do some adjusting with being so busy in life, work and now back to school.  All I have been able to read for the past couple of months is Shakespeare since that was my first class and it has been fun and I should finish with a 98!!  My next two classes are going to be Humanities and World Mythology (which I’m super excited about) and I have definitely been enjoying the online classes so far and it works great with my schedule.  I am going to try to start posting reviews again and though I won’t be able to post as much stuff as before I started school back, I still will be doing some!  I’ve also taken on a lot at the house, and by a lot I mean people.  Due to some bad circumstances, I have 4 extra bodies at my house, my mother in law, her mother, my brother in law and his cousin.  So needless to say, it is a bit cramped (we already had 4 bodies to begin with so now it is up to 8)!!  Thanks to those of you who have still been checking my blog and being patient while I got settled into my new routine.  I look forward to discussing more bookish things with you all!

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P.S. Are any of you going to be attending YALLFEST?  I will be there for my 3rd straight year and CAN’T WAIT!!!


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2 responses to “Updates and Such

  1. Amber Elise @ Du Livre

    VYKI! What program are you in for school? Is this undergrad or grad?? Regardless, good luck! I have five more weeks of grad school and then I am done! I feel so light right now! As much as I adore school….I need to be done. :p

    I wish I could go to YALLFEST. My new work schedule doesn’t really allow me to travel on weekends anymore (thank God it’s only a temporary job).

    Can’t wait to see you on the internet my dear! ❤

    Amber Elise @Du Livre

    • I am doing my bachelor’s in Creative Writing 🙂 Been a big dream of mine since elementary school to do writing. I know I don’t have to have a degree in it, but I felt like I needed to go. I already have one bachelor’s in Psychology. As long as I do well and enjoy it like I have been so far, I’ll want to do my master’s, too. I am a big nerd and love school, too. That is incredibly exciting that you are nearly finished! That really sucks that you won’t be able to go to YALLFEST, maybe next year! It would be awesome to meet you IRL 😀 Glad I’m back!

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