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*Review* and *Interview* Florence – Ciye Cho

Today I am welcoming Ciye Cho, author of Florence to my blog! His book is a colorful mermaid tale about a girl named Florence who is kidnapped and taken to Niemela, an underwater mer kingdom.  We will start of with the interview, then have the book review!

Welcome to On The Shelf, Ciye and thanks for the interview!

 What inspired you to write this story?

“Florence” was inspired by my obsession with merfolk. Beyond that, marine biology is one of my favorite subjects, and I live quite near the sea–so a lot of things seem to fuel my daydreams about merpeople.

What made you think of making the merpeople so colorful? Continue reading

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*Review* and *Interview* Night of the Purple Moon – Scott Cramer

Today I am welcoming Scott Cramer, author of Night of the Purple Moon to my blog. His book is an interesting post-apocalyptic story about a comet that leaves deadly space dust in its wake, killing adults and older teens.

Welcome to On The Shelf, Scott and thank you for the interview! I’d like to ask you some questions, first about your book, then about yourself. Continue reading

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