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*Review* Bloodlines – Richelle Mead



Richelle Mead

421 pages

ISBN: 9781595143174

Read 10-7-11

     Bloodlines is a spin-off series of the very popular Vampire Academy series that follows the young Alchemist Sydney Sage.  After helping the vampire Rose Hathaway, the Alchemists question her loyalties and abilities when it comes to her new assignment of keeping a new vampire princess safe and making sure people don’t find out vampires exist. 
     Secrets, secrets, secrets!  This novel is filled with a ton of secrets, but don’t expect them to be answered very quickly, some aren’t even answered until the very end.  I am someone who likes to know the answer now, so I had to be patient through this book, and there is still a mystery left by the end (there’s gonna be a sequel of course).  The whole movement of this novel is not very fast, so there isn’t much action for this story, but it’s still pretty good since it has a little more depth to it.
     I loved the characters of this book, and Adrian is definitely a favorite of mine.  Jill seemed to act a lot of times like she was older than fifteen, where as Sydney was slightly more high strung for my taste, but I liked her, too.  There were a couple of points where Sydney got on my nerves with how she dealt with a few things.
     I have never read a book with alchemists in it, so this was a new idea for me.  I found the plot interesting and a fresh take on a world with vampires and alchemists, though I wasn’t too impressed with the Alchemists in this book, to me they were kind of like glorified chemists/ vampire secret service. 
     The author has a good writing style and great descriptions.  The personalities of the characters are fantastic and easily made into real people in my mind.  I liked the book’s cover and coloring.  All in all, I didn’t think the book was super fantastic, but it wasn’t bad either.  I liked it enough to want to read the next in the series, and after reading the synopsis of the next book (The Golden Lily) I’m more excited about it than Bloodlines.

Not much action, great descriptions, wonderful characters, secretive, dramatic.      3.5 stars.


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*Review* Anna Dressed in Blood – Kendare Blake

Anna Dressed in Blood

Kendare Blake

316 pages

ISBN: 9780765328656

Read 10-3-11

     Anna Dressed in Blood follows Thesius Cassio, known to everyone as Cas, a teenage ghost hunter, as he hunts down on of the most dangerous ghosts he has ever encountered.  Her name is Anna, and she is strong and angry, a very powerful and deadly combination.  Cas knows before he even meets her that she is different from any other ghost he has come across.  Anyone who steps into Anna’s house doesn’t come back out; except for Cas…
     This book is awesome!  I think of all the reviews I read, I never came across a single one that didn’t think this was a great book, and now I know why!  I loved this book.  It was a lot of fun to read and creepy in all the right places (especially the end of chapter 20).  I could feel my heart thumping from the scene I was reading!
     I really liked all the characters.  They were all so strong and real, easily visible in my mind.  Anna had such different sides of herself, and she was definitely one of the strongest characters.  Thomas I really liked a lot because he was one of those characters who are unexpectedly impressive.  Carmel is also a fun character and isn’t always what she seems.
     The plot of this book is not like any other of the books I’ve read and I really enjoyed this different take on a ghost hunter.  It’s not candy coated or fluffed up; it’s gruesome when the scenes call for it, an awesome horror read.  Even the words on the page were perfect for the book (you’ll see what I mean).  There were great descriptions and everything was so vivid.  I can’t wait until the sequel!

Awesome story, great detail, gruesome & creepy, loved it!    4.5 stars!


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*Review* Liesl & Po – Lauren Oliver

Liesl & Po

Lauren Oliver

320 pages

ISBN: 9780062014511


     I received Liesl & Po as an ARC copy shortly after I saw a few others’ reviews on it.  I found the cover very interesting and couldn’t wait to read it.  Readers a little younger than teen are able to read this story and the voice of it is that of a rich fairytale.  The story follows Liesl, a young girl who just lost her father and has been locked away in the attic by her awful stepmother.  A pair of ghosts, Po and Bundle, appear to her and she becomes friends with them, they help her to escape the attic so she can take the ashes of her father to a resting place.  What Liesl doesn’t know is that there has been a big mix up and the road to where she needs to go will be a very rocky one.
     This tale is a bit of a grim one, it deals with death, evil people, and cruelty, but the sun does come back out and it is a very good healing story.  The characters are full of life and personality, even the little animal ghost, Bundle, has a wonderful personality.  I especially liked the ending of the book; it was very beautiful and full of hope.  The illustrations in the book provide a wonderful accompaniment to the words.
     At the very beginning, the author has a note where she says she wrote this story because of the sudden death of a friend of hers and never wrote it for the purpose of being published.  I can say I am glad it was published and that she decided to share a story with us that started off just for her healing.

Very enjoyable, quick read, hopeful ending, heart warming.  4 stars.


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*Review* Graveminder – Melissa Marr


Melissa Marr

324 pages

ISBN: 9780061826870

Read 8-8-11

     Graveminder is a fantastic novel of the walking dead, not your typical zombie-like story.  Unlike the popular zombies that you see in movies, these walking dead are aware of things going on.  Rebekkah is the granddaughter of Maylene, who is the graveminder, and when she is murdered, Rebekkah must return to Claysville.  On top of her grandmother’s murder, many other issues are thrown onto her, including a past relationship she has been running from, a difficult inheritance, and something that is running around hurting the townspeople.

Melissa Marr is known for her Wicked Lovely series in which she shows us the world of fairies.  She has a superb way of creating worlds and being able to put the reader into them.   Graveminder is her first adult novel, and I was just as sucked into this story as I was with the  Wicked Lovely series, which is for young adults.  Her style of writing and description make it hard to put the book down and bring yourself back into the real world.

With this style of story, the author has stepped outside of the box for what is normally seen as the walking dead, giving this novel a freshness that others of the same subject do not have.  Strong characters, strong relationships between them, and a strong story, I recommend this to those who are already a Melissa Marr fan and to those who want something outside the norm.

Fast-paced, hard to put down, intricate, extremely well-written.  4.5 stars!

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*Review* Hereafter – Tara Hudson



Tara Hudson

404 pages

ISBN: 9780062026774

Read 7-27-11

     Hereafter is a ghostly, supernatural YA novel about a dead teenage girl, Amelia, who wanders about lost between the living world and the afterlife, numb to everything until she meets Joshua when he is drowning in the same river where she herself drowned.  When she realizes that he can see her, her world drastically changes. 
     I am a person who likes to have closure when it comes to a story; I’m not crazy about unresolved issues.  There are many mysteries in this novel, most are answered, but some are still left unanswered by the time the novel comes to an end.  I checked into the author’s upcoming works, and I found that she will be having at least three Hereafter novels, the next of which is called Arise, so more of the mysteries should be solved.
     I enjoyed the descriptions the author used, especially when describing the netherworld.  It is interesting to see things from the perspective of a ghost girl who doesn’t even know who she is because of the dead fog she is in. Her world becomes so much brighter when she meets Joshua, who is very sweet and accepting with the situation they are in.  They are plagued by many difficulties through the story, and though Amelia may be dead, she isn’t about to just give up on what she currently has.  I even really liked the fact that the reader learned about Amelia as she learned about herself.
     A good story about believing in yourself, protecting the ones you care about and love in the afterlife.  I look forward to seeing how the story progresses in the subsequent Hereafter novels.  For me the book wasn’t super fabulous, but it was enjoyable.  I recommend it to those who enjoy supernatural stories, but not excessively so.

Mysterious, good imagery, some unresolved issues, great characters.   3.75 stars.


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