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*Reviews* Mermaids, Mermaids, Mermaids!

     Here’s a fact about me:  I love mermaids!  They are my favorite mythical creature.  EVER.  I love paintings, water globes, figurines, puzzles, movies and especially books with mermaids.  In my opinion, there just aren’t enough mermaid novels, but I do have a few here for review.  I loved all three of these books and hope to see a boom in mermaid stories.











Forgive My Fins                                                          Fins are Forever 

Tera Lynn Childs                                                           Tera Lynn Childs

293 pages                                                                      320 pages

ISBN: 9780061914652                                                   ISBN: 9780061914683

Read 2010                                                                      Read 7-6-11 

     Forgive My Fins is the first tale of Lily Sanderson, a teenage mermaid living on land with her aunt, Rachel.  Lily is the princess of an underwater kingdom, and half human.  She’s been attending high school and living like a (mostly) normal girl after finding out her mother was human to try to decide where she feels she fits in.  Lily has a major crush on a classmate, Brody, who is also a star swim team member, and she hopes to fulfill a mermaid bond with him and take him home.  But, it isn’t as easy as Lily had hoped and she runs into a few bumps along the way, mainly one named Quince, who she sees as nothing but irritating.
     This story is fun and full of life.  The world that the author creates is vibrant, colorful, and filled with wonderful characters.  This whole novel is very playful and bright as are the characters.  Lily is a great main character and it’s very amusing to see things from her point of view.  She has her own teenage mergirl fishy slang that adds to her charm and my already instant liking.  My second favorite character was definitely Quince and his goofy ways.  He has a very light-hearted, joking attitude most of the time, but he gets serious when the need arises.  All of the characters are well written; a great group for this book.
     Not only is there the setting of a nice beachy town and high school on land, but there is also the kingdom of Thalassinia, and the author does a fantastic job creating two vivid worlds.  The cover is wonderful and is a mirror of the colorful world inside.  As for the plot, I thought it was incredibly amusing and I couldn’t put the book down.  What wouldn’t be funny about a mermaid princess who thinks she’s in love and gets herself wrapped up into a royal mess?  Recommended for anyone who enjoys fast-paced, fun young adult romances.

Cheerful, bright, amusing, fast-paced, fantastic!   4.5 stars

  Fins are Forever is the second installment in Lily Sanderson’s fun, fishy tale.  She found love in the first book, but what will she have to give up in this novel to be able to keep it?  A lot of stress is put onto Lily’s shoulders as she prepares for quickly upcoming her birthday ball on top of SATs when her bratty baby cousin Dosinia shows up at Aunt Rachel’s front door.  There are so many problems for Lily to fix, and you root for her the entire way; I was even mentally trying to remind her of the things she forgot. 
     We have all the same great characters from the first novel, with the addition of Tellin, a childhood friend of Lily’s who suddenly shows up on a visit back to Thalassinia, but Lily finds out his intentions are not just to catch up with an old friend.  Dosinia is a bigger character, and problem child, for this novel, and we get to learn more about this royal pain of a cousin and who she really is. 
     The plot is a really good and a deeper issue than the first novel, covering multiple problems that are not that simple to answer.  The author takes on these more difficult dilemmas, but still keeps the story upbeat and bright.  Another fantastically fun Fins book!

Fast-paced, highly enjoyable, a little heavier issues, lively.  Another 4.5 star rating!

Tempest Rising (read 6-10-11)

Tracy Deebs

352 pages

ISBN: 0802722318

     Another wonderful mermaid book, but much different than Childs’ Fins books.  Where the Fins books are bright and cheerful, Tempest Rising is a darker mermaid tale.  The beautiful covers of the books are like a window into the moods of the books.  Tempest Maguire has known for a long time that a choice would be coming, the choice between the world on land, and the world in the sea.  Everything feels so natural in the water of course, since she is a teenage mermaid who hasn’t transitioned yet, but she is determined never to choose the mermaid side of herself since she blames her mother’s leaving on the believe she chose the merworld over her own family.
     At first, Tempest’s life seems to be like any other teenage girl; she goes to school, has a boyfriend, hangs with her friends and does surfing (which she’s naturally good at as expected), but she knows her life is far from normal or perfect.  Aside from the choice she has to make, an evil sea witch has been after her since before her mother left.  Her life as she knows it starts to crumble away in the weeks before her 17th birthday. 
     During a raging storm, Tempest spots someone riding a massive wave in the storm, and instantly, she knows he is different.  He keeps showing up, and she starts to question what it is that she feels for him and her boyfriend, Mark.  Eventually, in a crisis, she is forced to go into the sea.  Hard choices and heavy burdens are placed on Tempest throughout this darkly beautiful novel that pulls at your heartstrings. 
     Wonderfully written with strong characters and an intense story line, brilliant and heartbreaking.  Recommended for those who know everybody’s lives are not perfect and some are a lot harder than others who enjoy dark teen fantasy.

Dark, hard choices, not your average everything-will-be-ok teen read, lovely.  4.5 stars!

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