Wordy Wednesday (7)

 Wordy Wednesday is a new meme I will have here at On The Shelf.  I love to learn new words and being the avid reader I am, I am bound to come across words I don’t know, so this meme is to spread word knowledge! If you’d like to participate, just post the word and the definition and any other fun facts you may want to list as well.  I also like to include the sentence it came from in the book I was reading as long as it doesn’t include spoilers.

For this Wordy Wednesday I have:

Maudlin: 1. Foolishly or weakly emotional. 2. Irrationally sentimental when drunk.

First used around the very early 1500s.   The Middle English proper name was “maudelen” meaning “tearful.” Another word that is related is Magdalene, which is why Mary Magdalene is often portayed weeping in art.

Funny thing about this word, there is a town near where I live called Mauldin, and I thought Why would someone name a town this?? Then I realized I was having a dyslexic moment, the town is Mauldin and the word is Maudlin.

 “I haven’t used the word happy to describe my emtional state much since the accident.  God, I’m being maudlin now.  Things are bad enough without me “dwelling,” as my grandmother would say, and making them even worse.”

Kiss Me Kill Me
Lauren Henderson

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